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Women: Brain Research 
Comes to the Rescue!

by Nandarani dd
Hare Krishna 
Hare Krishna 
Krishna Krishna 
Hare Hare 
Hare Rama 
Hare Rama 
Rama Rama 
Hare Hare

Recently spent some time in Borders Books Honolulu browsing a new book by a male author. Found the following information and conclusions from this author who reports the research recently done by some scientists who are men.

Even though we have seen much discussion on the subject of women, no one has forwarded any information like this. I showed this to a male Prabhupada devotee who replied showing how this research backs up what Srila Prabhupada said about women but in a way that was not offensive to me.

Showing it to another male Prabhupada disciple brought recommendations that I state that man and woman are equally female in comparison to Krishna— a fact known to all devotees, but we still have had problems with equality in the Krishna Consciousness movement.

Another point suggested is the most important of all: each individual person is a different combination of masculine and feminine.

1. Women have a 25 percent larger corpus collosum, which connects the two brain hemispheres, than men. Whenever they listen to you they are taking in more than just the words, because they are connected up more than men— their brain wiring is different. In a normal interaction, more parts of women's brains are lit up and active than your average man's, and particularly the higher centers (lobes).

This obviously does not make all women excel at the type of intelligence (manipulation of the material world) usually associated with men. But, it does make most of them excel at other kinds of intelligence requiring different abilities. The scientists used brain scan equipment.

The results were in a new book for parents of girls, to help raise them properly taking into account knowledge and experience from many angles. The book emphasized the importance of relationships for girls, while not saying they are not capable of gaining satisfaction other than through relationships.

2. An experiment was done in which both men and women were asked to stop all thoughts in their minds. Then brain scans were done— and the results showed that

1. Men went to a small area of the brain known to deal with "fight or flight."

2. Women on the other hand became lit up in the higher lobes of the brain— their attention actually rose to a finer state.

This research was done not by women but by men.

Most women are naturally suited to relationships (and devotion).

The problem has come when people have decided to call women inferior. The research also shows that in sheer quantity of light in the brain scans women's brains appear to be brighter. They are more engaged than men. At least as can be measured by a brain scan.


Nandarani dd

© CHAKRA 11 January 2002

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