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Sankirtan for Grihastas
by Jagannatha Mishra das
Hare Krishna 
Hare Krishna 
Krishna Krishna 
Hare Hare 
Hare Rama 
Hare Rama 
Rama Rama 
Hare Hare

Spiritual strength
Budget sample
Selling Books
Mantra lines

Spiritual strength

So, you want to serve Krishna, and at the same time you need to maintain yourself and/or your family nicely?

What better way is there than book distribution?

In the following article, we are going to give you practical hints and a proven method to do it. You only need to maintain some spiritual strength by having a regular program. The benefits are not only materially rewarding but spiritually refreshing as well.

Budget sample

Let’s first make your monthly budget. Say you need US$ 750 for your expenses.

You can buy medium and small books (Isopanisad, Perfection of Yoga, Coming Back, Higher Taste, Chant and Be Happy, etc.) for approx. $0.50 and sell them for an average of $2 (that means sometimes you get $1 donation, sometimes $3 or more). So to make $750 you need to sale 500 books in a month, that is, 25 books daily from Monday to Friday.

25 books x $2 = $50 x 20 days = $1000
less $250 BBT price = $750 profit

So, Monday to Friday 25 small books for $2 each and there you are! $750 a month.

Now on top of that, I am using a technique to enhance the profit. When the person definitely does not want the book but is friendly, I give a sticker and ask for a donation. You have already stopped the person and broken the ice, and it is very easy to get the person to take the sticker. In this way, you can do another $20 profit a day to help pay the BBT cost.

I am playing here with easy-to-do figures and goals, but you can increase them as you grow confident.

Remember to always keep money aside specifically to buy the books up front from the BBT. Avoid at all costs spending that money on anything else.

Mantra lines

We do not need to say half-truths or strange lines to distribute. Better to sell the books on their merit and explain (if asked) what the donation is for.


Explain about Science of Self Realization that "it is a compendium of letters, conferences and articles on very interesting transcendental subjects."

If asked, "What is the donation for?" I say "Thank you for asking this question, because it is important that you know how your money is being used. Part of the money is for paying for the book, and the rest is for my maintenance, because this is my occupation." Or something like that...

People appreciate the truth, that keeps your principles intact, and you only get strengthened and able to do the service in the long run. There is no need to be money-minded. As long as you follow these directions, you will see how the books go out and the laxmi comes in, fulfilling material and spiritual needs. You will be enlightened and joyful and at the same time keep your mind free of anxiety.

Any questions or comments, you can write to me at sankirtan@vedalearn.com.

Expand your Krishna consciousness from the comfort of your home! Have a try and see for yourself at: http://vedalearn.com

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