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Chloe's Home!
by Madhumati dd
Hare Krishna 
Hare Krishna 
Krishna Krishna 
Hare Hare 
Hare Rama 
Hare Rama 
Rama Rama 
Hare Hare

Good news! Bhaktin Chloe has left the hospital! She still has many days and months of recovery and recuperation time: daily physio and occupational therapy. But it looks like her kidneys are beginning to function and she hasn't had to have dialysis for a week now. They say it will take one full year before she's back to where she was just prior to her illness.

She can only walk with a walker, and even 50 feet of walking in such a way is a miracle for her. She'll be provided with a wheelchair, so I'm hoping to take her for nice long walks when I go to visit. Even holding the phone when she talks to me is very tiring for her. She's had to learn to dress herself, brush her teeth— all those simple daily things that we all take for granted.

Two of us hope to go to visit her in a couple of weeks. She's quite looking forward to that. And Emily's really excited too. Emily and I have become close over the phone, and we're wanting to meet. She knows I love Chloe, and she knows I've been there for her as much as for Chloe. So part of my mission is to see Chloe but the other part is to see Emily, to give her the well-deserved support that she'll be needing at this time. She's been with Chloe at the hospital all day and all night, except for breaks at home of a few hours every day. And it's been almost six weeks now!

I've promised Emily plenty of hugs and massages, and we'll do the same for Chloe. I promised Emily we'd make all kinds of fun prasadam. She's so looking forward to getting some nice Hare Krsna prasad! I promised her a sleepover, so that the four of us can just hang out, talking about our realisations about life. I think she's really ready to hear about how miserable this material world is. We'll give her hot milk and read Krsna Book together, surrounding Chloe with as much love and affection as we possibly can, reminding her of how much love she's receiving from the worldwide devotional community.

Chloe hopes to be back with us in a couple of months! She's just waiting to get strong enough so that she doesn't need constant daily care. Please pray for us that we will have her soon in our company; that I'll have her dancing with me soon!

© CHAKRA 8 February 2002

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