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Hare Rama 
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Hare Hare

Illumination Television is proud to announce the release of two new "Memories of Srila Prabhupada" videos, Pt. 31 and Pt. 32.

Pt. 31 contains fantastic stories from Nanda Kishore dasa, Guru Kripa dasa, Vaikunthanath dasa, Madhavananda dasa, Pariksit dasa, Krsna Kanti dasa, Pavamana dasa, and Havi dasa. Among other things you will hear how Srila Prabhupada inspired the producer of the musical "Hair" to include the chanting of the maha-mantra. Learn the answer when Vaikunthanath asks Srila Prabhupada what happens to all those people who have purchased books from devotees but have not taken formal initiation. Nanda Kishore entertains us with his story telling of many accounts he has had with His Divine Grace and guests who visited him. Guru Kripa dasa informs us of the mercy one receives by being chastised by Srila Prabhupada as he experienced more than once. And Havi dasa humorously recounts the time he washed Srila Prabhupada’s feet for the first time.

Pt. 32 features interviews from Karandhar dasa, Aniruddha dasa, Giriraj Swami, Jayadvaita Swami, Jagadatri dasi, Vidya dasi, Stoka Krsna dasa, and Makhanlal dasa. Karandhar narrates his time as the manager of the Los Angeles temple and his struggles in dealing with Mr. Nair of Bombay. Aniruddha takes us back in time to the early days of ISKCON in Los Angeles with many humorous and instructional lessons from Prabhupada. Jayadvaita Swami tells us why Prabhupada called him "ignorant." Vidya dasi illuminates the lesson she received when was stared at by His Divine Grace. These and many more are contained within Pt. 32 that should not be neglected as part of your video library.

Each tape sells for $20/ea. plus $5/s&h Order two for $30 plus $6/s&h.

To order NTSC tapes, contact Siddhanta dasa at
or write him at 4114 Motor Ave.,
Culver City, CA 90232.
itv@flash.net (not to be confused with ISKCON TV)

To order PAL tapes, contact Visnu Murti dasa at visnu.murti@pamho.net

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