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Service in Hawaii
By Yadunandana Pada dasa
Hilo, Hawaii
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Seeking Mature Partner & Volunteers for a Hilo, Hawaii Preaching Center.

I have just purchased 12 acres of rolling hills for the mission of Srila Prabhupada and the devotees of Lord Hari. Surrounded by two streams, with 20-foot waterfalls, swimming hole, and great ocean views, the Chintamani Ecology Gardens ( www.easternwisdom.com/Hilo ) are dedicated to preaching the teachings of the Vedas and as a refuge for non-partisan Vaishnavas who are seeking a devotional lifestyle in the association of open-minded devotees.

It is just 10 minutes north from the city of Hilo, Hawaii. Participants to this project will enjoy the proximity to the city while in a totally tropical country environment. This property is in the safety zone of the Big Island (7 of 9), at a 1200-foot elevation, surrounded by water on two sides, boasting ocean views on three sides at approximately 130 degree visual span, a small cascade, and a large waterfall, with a 50-foot diameter (minimum 10 feet deep) swimming hole. Access road is pavement with concrete bridge. Utilities at adjacent properties.

Hare Krishna 
Hare Krishna 
Krishna Krishna 
Hare Hare 
Hare Rama 
Hare Rama 
Rama Rama 
Hare Hare

The plan is to develop this land into a preaching retreat/ashram with an ecological approach, in order to garden and preserve endangered indigenous flora for the pleasure of Sri Sri Radha Govinda. We have incorporated a non-profit organization called the Buddhi Yoga Temple of Hawaii, Inc., that will dedicate its efforts to propagating Bhakti (devotion) as the highest conception of divinity for all living entities, while encouraging an ecologically minded alternative lifestyle.

This retreat will be the Lord's botanical garden, where guests can come for the day or for an extended stay and relish the natural Hawaiian environment while being involved in traditional Vaishnava devotional practices.

If your intention is to preach and be surrounded by non-partisan association with Lord Hrishikesa at the center of all your endeavors, this preaching opportunity is for you. There is already a university in Hilo with rumors of another sprouting up in the next few years. Hilo is a growing city that is full of new-age-minded and spiritually inclined individuals as well as a growing number of Vaishnava devotees that are literally infiltrating the Big Island of Hawaii.

This is an opportunity for a few individuals and families to come together in a spirit of non-partisan cooperation and do something wonderful for your Guru and the Lord. We are seeking a third partner/director of the board and financial partner to partake in this endeavor in order to help expedite and further define the goals of this mission. Your only qualification need be the desire to create a preaching environment that will be inherited by your families and other devotees, and therefore will continue on perpetually.

I bought this land exclusively for this purpose and to share this purpose and refuge with others. Just building a home on a couple of acres would have been boring. I now have one partner with a similar vision that is helping me define my goals. We need one more.

Soon we will also be accepting volunteer applications for caretaker, gardeners, and builders in exchange for land use. Such land use will not exceed the period of service.

Please send inquiries or applications stating your desires to yadu@easternwisdom.com 

All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga.

Your servant and Godbrother,

Yadunandana Pada dasa

© CHAKRA 1 March 2002

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