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Lord Shiva's Song
An adaptation by Mudakari dasi

Now I shall chant an auspicious prayer
that you should hear with attention and care.
This pure mantra is best for the soul
who seeks to attain life's ultimate goal.

Maitreya said: "Out of causeless mercy,
Lord Shiva, the great personality
and renowned devotee of Lord Narayana,
continued to speak to the King's scions.
With this prayer Lord Shiva addressed the Lord:

'O Supreme Personality adored,
of all the self-realized souls there are,
You are the most exalted one by far.
Always auspicious for such souls are You,
and I wish that You be so for me, too.
Revered for Your all-perfect instructions,
You reign supreme without obstructions.
O my Lord, all creation springs from You,
the master of senses and objects, too.
As Vasudeva, You are all-pervading,
peaceful, and undisturbed by anything.
The six transformations cannot touch You
Who are the self-illumined Lord Vishnu.
O Lord, as Sankarshan You integrate
subtle elements, then disintegrate
them, and as Pradyumna You oversee
maintenance and growth universally.
O my Lord Aniruddha Who directs
the senses and mind, I offer respects.
As Lord Ananta, by Your sole desire,
You destroy creation with blazing fire.
O my Lord, You are the authority
by Whom doors of planetary
systems and liberation open wide.
Within pure hearts only do You reside.
Possessor of semen like molten gold,
as fire You help Vedic rituals unfold.
You provide for the demigods and the
Pitrilokas, and are the deity
of the moon, and master of Vedas three.
You satisfy each living entity.
In Your universal form You contain
every living entity, and maintain
the three worlds: mind, senses, body, and air
of life within them are under Your care.
By expansion of transcendental sound
the actual meaning of all is found.
You are the sky, both within and without,
the goal of all activities devout.
You cause remembrance and forgetfulness.
You reward irreligion with distress
and miserable conditions of life.
You are death that results from all such strife.
O greatest of religious principles,
You master the world's metaphysical
philosophy, for Your mind is supreme
and Your brain is unchecked by any dream
of happiness or distress or time or space.
You are Lord Krishna with a lotus face.
You are the Supreme Controller of all
and hold body, mind, and senses in thrall.
Egotism and knowledge stem from You,
O Rudra, and Vedic injunctions, too.
O my dear Lord, please allow me to see
the form most beloved by Your devotees,
which perfectly satisfies every sense.
Please bless me with Your effulgent Presence.
The Lord has four arms and a smiling face.
He is the sum of all beauty and grace.
The Lord's transcendental and dark-hued form
glistens like rainclouds during a storm.
The Lord's face is framed with curly black hair,
and His silken garments, waving in air,
resemble the pollen of lotus flowers
flying in great saffron showers.
The Lord has a beautiful smiling face.
Within His hands lotus, conch, discus, and mace
along with His glittering jewels combine
to raise the beauty of the pearl that shines
upon His broad and blackish chest
where the goddess of fortune has her rest,
indicated by streaks of shining gold.
His loveliness continues to unfold
within His rounded, tri-rippled abdomen
that moves when He inhales and exhales, then
appears to have its navel coiled so deep
that the whole universe wishes to keep
entering and exiting from within
Him, where creation truly did begin.
His extraordinary beauty is graced
with an embroidered belt around His dark waist.
O my Lord, Your feet appear to be just like two
blossoming lotus petals that shine through
the darkness, which pervades the heart of the
suffering conditioned living entity.
You are the spiritual master of all
and conquer the dark that keeps them in thrall.
Please show me the form that can dissipate
ignorance, and save souls from that dark state.
My dear Lord, those who wish to purify
their existence must seriously try
to meditate upon Your lotus feet
and engage in bhakti-yoga, the sweet
process that even the heavenly king
must execute to attain Your blessing.
Other processes are not guaranteed
to reach Your Lordship at all, or with speed.
The yogis who identify with You
cannot discharge pure service. Yet those who
are serious about their spiritual goal
practice bhakti alone. These You extol.
This universe can be destroyed by Time
simply by the movement of His sublime
eyebrows, yet even He cannot defeat
devotees who take shelter of Your feet.
Demigods can award benedictions, true,
but they are subject to birth and death, too.
A moment spent with a pure devotee
Will satisfy the soul quite easily.
O Lord, Your lotus feet bring auspicious
things, and destroy what is not propitious.
I beg You to bless me by giving me
the association of devotees
who became purified by homage to
Your lotus feet. Therefore I pray that You
allow Bhaktidevi to favor me,
save me from the external energy,
and then cleansed of all material things
I shall know the joy Your Holy Name brings.
You are Brahman which is all-pervading.
Like sunshine or air You are invading
the sanctified and filthy places, too,
though aloof and inviolate are You.
My Lord, with Your manifold energies
You create and maintain varieties
of this cosmos, and then ultimately
annihilate it, undisturbed by the
changes and alterations that shatter
the hearts of those attached to gross matter.
You are independent of what You create.
Ignorant of this, they must accept fate.
Your cosmic form is of five elements:
senses, mind, false ego, intelligence
and the Supersoul Who dwells within all.
Demigods exist but still are Your thralls.
Goodness, passion, and ignorance will act
when material energy reacts
to agitation, then what will appear
will be air, fire, water, earth, ether.
My Lord, after using Your potencies
to create all the living entities,
You enter within their hearts to see
them try to enjoy like the honeybee.
O Lord, Your authority cannot be
experienced by the soul directly
save by the force of Time, which devours
everything by its destructive powers.
O my Lord, living entities desire
always to enjoy, yet You never tire
of observing their greedy endeavors,
which the snake of Time easily severs.
O Lord, our father Brahma worshipped You,
and in his footsteps the fourteen Manus.
One who neglects the service of Your feet
Has spoiled his life, and will never meet
You, the destination of devotees
who perform their duties solely to please
You, the Supreme Brahman and Supersoul,
the Absolute and imperishable goal.

O sons of the king, with pure hearts please
perform your occupational duties.
Chant this prayer with your minds on the Lord's
lotus feet, and His pleasure brings rewards.
In your hearts and the hearts of all is He,
the Supreme Personality, Hari.
Therfore, always chant the Lord's Holy Name.
Meditate constantly upon the same.

My dear princes, in the form of a prayer
I've delineated this system where
you may become great sages by giving
it attention and reverence, living
in silence with your minds fixed unbroken
upon it, which to us was first spoken
by Brahma, of all creators supreme.
Bhrigu and others learned it, for the scheme
of creation required that we be
from taint of ignorance completely free.
Thus we Prajapatis then began
to create entities: gods, beasts, and man.

Devotees of Krishna who chant this prayer
with great attention and reverent care,
and who fix Him within their minds each day,
will achieve perfection without delay.
The ocean of nescience cannot be crossed
without the boat of knowledge. One is lost
if he desires material things
without the wisdom spiritual wealth brings.

O princes, I, Lord Shiva, now declare
that whoever may sing or read this prayer
early in the morning with folded hands
can have Lord Krishna fulfill his demands.
A devotee who gives facility
to others to hear these prayers becomes free
from bondage to fruitive activities.
As effective as great austerities
are these prayers, O princes, so please recite
them faithfully, for the Lord's own delight.
Then when you are mature you will achieve
your desired objectives, please believe.' "

by Mudakari dasi
copyright 1992, 2002

based on "Chanting the Song of Lord Shiva," Fourth Canto, Srimad Bhagavatam, by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami


CHAKRA 1 March 2002

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