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The Glories of Vrndavanesvari
By Krsnendu Dasa

Vrndavanesvari devi dasi
Click here for full photo.

Vrndavanesvari Mataji will be greatly missed by all the devotees of New Varshana, Auckland, New Zealand. She was an inspiration to everyone in many ways.

She was a very generous person with her time, money, and affection. Many devotees gained great comfort knowing that she was there to listen to them, comfort them and provide them with good counsel.

She is famous for her devotional cooking. Whenever she cooked, you could tell she put everything into pleasing the devotees. Pizza rolls were popular items on her menu, and sweets were her specialty, especially her three-tiered carob cake with whipped cream and jam. I will always remember her serving devotees at feasts after community-working bees — taking great pleasure in getting devotees to take more cake.

Above all, she will forever be remembered for her absorption in chanting the Holy Name. She would sit in the temple room through the whole japa period with all the devotees and chant with full attention. It was clear she was getting more and more taste for the Holy Name and she always encouraged others to make chanting a priority in their lives. She led by example.

Her passing away is a great loss to everyone here. She was such an important person in the vision for New Varshana. I can't imagine what it will be like without her.

Please pray for her progress back to the spiritual world. Please also pray that the devotees of New Varshana may follow in her footsteps by developing a serving mood and becoming absorbed in the chanting of the Holy Name.

Srimati Vrndavanesvari Mataji ki jaya!

© CHAKRA 18 March 2002

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