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Tamal Krishna Goswami 
and Sudama Prabhu

Text and Photos by 
Madhusudani Radha devi dasi

Click on each photo 
for full size.

Tamal Krishna Goswami Visits Sudama Prabhu
Tamal Krishna Goswami Visits Sudama Prabhu
Tamal Krishna Goswami Visits Sudama Prabhu
Tamal Krishna Goswami Visits Sudama Prabhu
Tamal Krishna Goswami Visits Sudama Prabhu

Dear Maharaja,

Here are the photos I promised you. Please excuse the delay. I had to search a bit to find the negatives and then make a new set of prints. Hope you like them. I think they're showing a very sweet mood. At least that's how I remember that day in November 1993.

Sudama had told Brahmananda and me that he wanted to see Tamal Krsna Maharaja before he died, so we got him Maharaja's phone number, and Sudama called him up. Tamal Krishna Goswami was stunned to hear the voice of his old friend after 17 years of being out of touch. Afterwards Sudama was so happy. He said that Maharaja had promised to visit him before he died.

Well, the only problem was that Sudama didn't want to consider the possibility that this was going to happen any time soon. So we called Maharaja and told him that we didn't think Sudama had more than a few weeks left. That's all Maharaja needed to hear. Within a week, he got on a plane to San Francisco to visit. Sudama was so excited. He called me at 3 am that morning, anxiously asking when I'd come and pick him up. I told him we still had six hours left and that he should try to get some rest. But he couldn't. He said he had been up all night ironing his dhoti.

At about 9 am we picked him up and drove him over to a place on Fisherman's Wharf where they were going to meet. It was the first time I had ever seen him in devotional clothes, and as you can see, he had very carefully picked out his jewelry to match. Sudama was so excited. He wasn't disappointed. Maharaja walked straight in and gave him a big hug. After that, the two of them just sat and stared at each other for a long time. There was so much love in both their eyes, and it was clear that they were very happy to be together again.

Maharaja brought Sudama a lot of comfort during that meeting, and they kept in touch during the next two months until Sudama finally left his body. Maharaja would call him regularly from wherever he was around the world. The devotees who took care of Sudama said that Maharaja called him during his very last days and reassured him that it was OK to leave his disease-ravaged body and that Prabhupada would certainly keep his promise to Sudama and again engage him in Krsna's service.

The visit and the calls seemed to mean more to Sudama than any other association, and it was amazing to see him finally becoming relaxed and accepting his fate. It was so obvious that Maharaja really cared about his old friend, and I felt very privileged to be able to witness their last meeting.

© CHAKRA 22 March 2002

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