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From ISKCON Malaysia
Hare Krishna 
Hare Krishna 
Krishna Krishna 
Hare Hare 
Hare Rama 
Hare Rama 
Rama Rama 
Hare Hare


When I leave," you said, "please place my body
In the land where cows and peacocks roam freely
Govardhana shall be my home eternally."
Salutations Gurudeva unto thee

So bold, so grave, fighting relentlessly
Defeating the vile agents of Kali
Cleaning the earth of impersonal calamity
Salutations Gurudeva unto thee

Radha Damodara Bus Party
Town to town, city to city
Books, magazines sold profusely
Salutations Gurudeva unto thee

A leader, a preacher, GBC
Scholar, teacher, full of mastery
You a champion of Krsna's army
Salutations Gurudeva unto thee

Prabhupada you served intimately
Poignant memoirs penned in TKG's diary
Endearing tale ending in glory
Salutations Gurudeva unto thee

Poison tongue spoke so freely
Much bitterness thy suffered silently
How could they claim so unjustly?
You loved Prabhupada so dearly
Salutations Gurudeva unto thee

Will of Lord, act of divinity
We lost one more senapati
Your last chapter guised as tragedy
Salutations Gurudeva unto thee

Servant of the servant you're truly
Never a moment of lethargy
Giving everything to serve vani
Salutations Gurudeva unto thee

Now in home of Sri Gaurahari
You lay next to your father's samadhi
Where Mother Ganges will caress you gently
Salutations Gurudeva unto thee

Lame, ill-advised a beggar for mercy
My lines are faulty but penned earnestly
The Lord shall embrace you all lovingly
Salutations Gurudeva unto thee

vaisnava dasanudasa
uttama caitanya dasa
on behalf of ISKCON Malaysia

© CHAKRA 24 March 2002

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