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Making the Big Time in Poland
By Bhaktin Julie

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for full size.
Making the Big Time in Poland
Making the Big Time in Poland
Making the Big Time in Poland
Making the Big Time in Poland
Making the Big Time in Poland

Where can you travel for four months with 150 other devotees; put on 50 major festivals; play to crowds of 320,000 people; whilst on Harinama be welcomed into towns by smiling, waving crowds, and distribute 73,000 plates of prasadam in just three days?

Any ideas?

Of course! It's Poland!

Now in its twelfth year, the Polish Festival of India is bigger than ever. We can now offer you the opportunity to relish the color and excitement of this historic cultural festival tour with the launch of our new web site http://www.festivalofindia.

On the site, you can read quotes about the impact of the festival tour, learn more about what equipment and supplies it takes to stage these most successful festivals, and find out how you can become involved.

The festival tour relies on financial donations, so your support is vital to continue these festivals and to make them larger and even more successful. Donations can be made on the site using a credit card and can be made regularly each month or as one single payment. You can also sponsor prasadam distribution or a whole three-day festival in one town. The choice is yours.

It is easy to support the tour, and every donation is gratefully received. Just go to http://www.festivalofindia.
for more information. 

With your help we can ensure the Polish Festival of India continues big time!

Your servant,
Bhaktin Julie


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