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Unofferable Foods: Quotations 
from Srila Prabhupada

From Kavicandra Swami
Always offerable: Lord Krsna stealing butter
Always offerable: 
Lord Krsna stealing butter
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Srila Prabhupada: So far as explaining my letter to Kris, I have listed the ingredients which [one] may use for preparing prasadam but these various varieties of foodstuffs may be prepared either in the given recipes or if you like you may invent nice new formulas for offering. The important thing is that your preparations be palatable for Lord Krishna and that the ingredients be within the groups of ingredients already listed. You have asked me about sassafras and yes, it may be offered. Mushrooms are generally not offered, but there is no prohibition, there is no harm in them.

[Letter to: Harer Nama — Los Angeles 1 December 1968]


I have noted your questions carefully, and regarding your question about the Prasadam recipes; Krishna is offered foodstuff in goodness. The foodstuffs in the modes of goodness are wheat, rice, pulse (beans, peas), sugar, honey, butter and all milk preparations, vegetables, flowers, fruits, grains. So these foods can be offered in any shape, but prepared in various ways by the intelligence of the devotees.

[Letter to: Kris — Los Angeles 13 November 1968]


Because mushrooms grow in a filthy place, they are not usually offered to Krishna.

Hare Krishna 
Hare Krishna 
Krishna Krishna 
Hare Hare 
Hare Rama 
Hare Rama 
Rama Rama 
Hare Hare

[Letter to: Himavati — Delhi 17 November, 1971]


As far as I know, Srila Prabhupada ate cauliflower. I don't know about carrots, but Yamuna has them in her cookbook, and she was trained by Srila Prabhupada.


...Saktimata was here and...

Tamala Krsna: She came from Vancouver, Srila Prabhupada, to be... Because she heard how ill you were, so she came here to see if she could help in any way.

Hari-sauri: So she said that she knew how to make some juices from..., like carrot juice but with some ginger and a little hing and other things mixed which would give you very much strength, but at the same time not cause mucus or anything.

Prabhupada: Let her make.

Tamala Krsna: Let her make?

Hari-sauri: We can try and see what she can make anyway, and then, if you like it, then it may have some good effect.

[Room Conversation —October 10, 1977, Vrndavana]


Kirtanananda: Cauliflower, peas, beets, carrots, lettuce, spinach...

Prabhupada: Potato?

Kirtanananda: Potato, broccoli,

Prabhupada: Broccoli? What is that?

Kirtanananda: It is something like cauliflower.

Pusta Krsna: It's that green vegetable, Srila Prabhupada, that's like cauliflower.

Prabhupada: Cabbage?

Kirtanananda: Cabbage, peppers.

Prabhupada: That is nice, so many. Tomato.

Kirtanananda: But most things are not yet fructified. This is early in our season. Peas will be ready just shortly. Lettuce is ready.

Prabhupada: Vegetables, ghee, milk, wheat, then what do you want more?

[Morning Walk — June 22, 1976, New Vrindaban]


Srutakirti: The vegetable.

Prabhupada: What type vegetable?

Srutakirti: Cauliflower and peas and everything.

Prabhupada: Oh, they have got cauliflower?

Srutakirti: Yes, they have cauliflower and tomatoes.

Prabhupada: So you can give also two paratas to me.

[Room Conversation with Sanskrit Professor, Dr. Suneson — September 5, 1973, Stockholm]


Prabhupada: Cauliflower. Take little.

George Harrison: I can't finish. (laughter) I'm trying to finish one so I can start on the next. I was sick also lately. I had something, I went yellow. I had jaundice. Don't know why, just had food poisoning or something, and it affected my liver.

Prabhupada: Who cooks for you?

George Harrison: Sometimes me, sometimes, ah.... I don't know, I think we'd had some Chinese food.

Prabhupada: Oh, you should not take.

George Harrison: Because I was working as well, so I, you know I think I was pretty tired.

Prabhupada: Better you cook simple food yourself and take it

[Conversation with George Harrison — July 26, 1976, London]


No, you may not serve decaffeinated coffee in the restaurant.

[Letter to: Visvakarma — Vrindaban 19 November, 1976]

[See "Unofferable Foods: A Question," Chakra, May 12, 2002]

CHAKRA 19 May 2002

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