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RVC: It’s Discipline 
Not Discrimination

John Nolan answers Palika Dasi
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Dear Palika Dasi

I don't agree with your criticism of the RVC. It appears to me that the principle of Danavir Goswami is that celibacy is made easier for those who wish to achieve it by not being in daily contact with members of the opposite sex. You should be aware that monasteries have always maintained this type of discipline, as they do to this day particularly in the Far East, i.e India. In years gone by this was also a principle of Christian monastic life. If one wants to remain a brahmacari/monk, what's wrong with being assisted in this aim by not mixing with women to avoid temptation?

Is your point that you don't value the celibate lifestyle and that it is unrealistic for devotees to remain celibate? I would make the point that the RVC are intent on creating an environment where the students are not distracted by temptation. Personally, I would wish to pursue spiritual life and maintain celibacy and this would be more difficult if I had to associate with women on a daily basis.

John Nolan

[See "RVC: Why the Discrimination?" Chakra May 17, 2002]

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