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RVC: What about the Real Issues?
by Georgina
Hare Krishna 
Hare Krishna 
Krishna Krishna 
Hare Hare 
Hare Rama 
Hare Rama 
Rama Rama 
Hare Hare

Dear Prabhus,

I am now most amazed to read the host of letters in regard to Sudama's "criticism" of my recent posting. I can assure you all that I am not in the least "hurt" by Sudama's reply. In fact I found it highly amusing. His comments were immature and ill considered and had nothing to say on the issue I raised.

There seems to be concern over my ability to spell. There is no need. In fact, I can spell most brilliantly, most magnificently. No... seriously Prabhus, I spell just about as well as everyone else. Big deal. I just typed pretty quick and rushed off the e-mail without checking it properly. That's all there is to it.

Again there seems to be concern over my level of education. I gave a brief biography in my first posting, but if I must go through it again: I am an ex-temple devotee and now a schoolteacher. I teach Sixth Form ('A' level Psychology). I have studied at three universities. I have a B.A. (Hons) in Psychology with History, a PGCE and am currently studying part-time for an MSc so I can become a chartered psychologist.

This is, however, all quite peripheral to the original issues I raised. In fact what concerns me most is that it seems no one wants to engage with these issues. Women are excluded from a recently formed Vedic Institution of Higher Education. Women in ISCKON should be horrified. (Men in ISKCON are unlikely to be.) Yet everyone is (however well meaning) seeking to protect me from Sudama's immature comments.

Again I can assure you, I need no such protection. Nor, my dear Bhakta Keith, is my faith in Krsna in the least shaken. I would, however, appreciate it if my original comments were taken seriously. I have been fortunate in the amount of higher education I have received. Thus I can see all the more clearly the misfortune of ISKCON females to miss any opportunity to study the Vedic literature and scriptures to a higher level if they are so qualified.

Your servant,

© CHAKRA 29 May 2002

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