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Less Intelligent Women? 
Give Me a Break!

By Haravapuh dasa
Hare Krishna 
Hare Krishna 
Krishna Krishna 
Hare Hare 
Hare Rama 
Hare Rama 
Rama Rama 
Hare Hare

Dear Sudama,

Why don't you stop it! You are not authorized to give your opinion on what Prabhupada said. He said so many things. Why not refer people to the congregational chanting of the Holy Names? Why not show them how Prabhupada came to the lower east side of Manhattan, where all kinds of people were gathered, and chanted the Holy Names without condemning anyone? Why must you insist on taking Prabhupada quotes out of context?

You have not been in the movement long enough to give your opinion of the movement and the philosophy. First try to understand that you are not this body. Then you will realize that there is no need for you to put women, homosexuals, etc. in their place. Nobody cares what you think.

In case you have forgotten, our mission is to glorify Krsna and to tell anyone and everyone that they are part and parcel of Krsna and that they are not the body, whether it be male, female, black, white, good, bad, beautiful, ugly, straight, gay, rich, or poor. Anyone and everyone can chant the Holy Names of Krsna. This is our mission. You are on your own concocted mission. If you want to set up a strict caste system according to the ancient Vedas, then you should do that on your own, and good luck finding someone who will follow you.

Because you are not purified, your preaching and instructions have poisonous effects. You should keep your preaching simple and to the point. Don't play God or Prabhupada. It is not befitting your low character. We are not living in a strict Vedic society; we are living in the age of Kali Yuga. Prabhupada has given us the formula for purification. He has initiated men, women, blacks, whites, straights, gays, good, and bad into this movement without discrimination. This is Lord Caitanya's plan.

So there is no need for you to tell women or anyone else what they need to do. You take care of your own problems, clean your own house. Clear the dirt from your own mirror first. Then when you have become somewhat purified, you will see that there is only the chanting of the name of Krsna that is necessary, nothing else. Please don't use this Krsna movement to justify your bitterness toward those things you cannot come to terms with.

You have the potential to be a good preacher, but you need to study and concentrate on the chapter of The Nectar of Devotion entitled "Qualities of a Devotee" and try to practice developing these characteristics. They will serve you well in your preaching mission. Your heart will soften, your love for Krsna will grow, and your compassion for humanity will fructify. Then you will know how to preach and what to say. As it stands right now, you are simply making offense to Srila Prabhupada by your attitude.

Haravapuh dasa

[See "Less Intelligent Women" Chakra May 29, 2002]

[Note: I do not recall Srila Prabhupada asking people if they were homosexual, but he would not initiate anyone who was engaging in any kind of illicit sex. —Ed]

© CHAKRA 8 June 2002

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