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Striving for Quality: 
ISKCON Ministries Look at the Future

By Kaunteya das

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and captions

ISKCON Ministries Look at the Future
ISKCON Ministries Look at the Future
ISKCON Ministries Look at the Future

Alachua, 15-16 June 2002 – Representatives of several ministries of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness got together for a two-day meeting to chalk out a common vision and strategy. ISKCON ministers act as educators and consultants in their fields, and they work to improve the quality of life of devotees and the effectiveness of the mission by sharing relevant values, information, and techniques. In Alachua the atmosphere was relaxed and the mood, highly cooperative.

Present were

For the Ministry of Communication - Anuttama and Merudevi Prabhus

For the Congregational Development Ministry - Jayapataka Maharaja and Kaunteya das

For the Ministry of Cow Protection and Agriculture - Chaya and Laksmi Prabhus.

For the Ministry of Educational Development - Sesa Prabhu

For the Youth Ministry - Manu Prabhu

For the Child Protection Office - Dhira Govinda Prabhu

Other ministers, although they could make it this time, said that they liked the idea of the meeting. His Holiness Sridhar Maharaja, GBC Emeritus, was the special guest. He offered that, health permitting, he will assist the efforts of the ministries as consultant and trainer for fund raising. (A spontaneous round of applause arose from the participants when he said that.)

The ministries introduced their present work and goals, and they discussed shared ground and how they can help each other, especially in areas of common interest. The heart of the second day was identifying how the ministries, as a united whole, would like to be in ten years. Sesa Prabhu facilitated the brainstorm and consequent discussion that produced a number of agreements in areas such as the internal structure and organization of the ministries, cooperation among the ministries, and training of the ministries' personnel and of the members of the movement at large. The ministries also discussed how to better assist the Governing Body Commission of ISKCON in improving the standards in the different areas of the mission.

Participants agreed on taking immediate practical steps such as establishing a common web site— a one-stop approach— to make their assistance more readily available to the community of Vaisnavas. They also decided to meet again, for two-days, in Mayapur, just before the annual GBC meetings. Representatives from the ministries sounded eager to serve all the devotees and determined to share the knowledge, the vision, and the skills in their areas of expertise.

© CHAKRA 30 June 2002

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