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Pilgrimage to Ahobilam

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Lord Nrsimhadeva
Lord Nrsimhadeva
Dhruva dasa worshiping Lord Nrsimhadeva
Dhruva dasa worshiping Lord Nrsimhadeva at Ahobilam

Journey to the jungles of south-central India where Lord Nrsimhadeva appeared to protect His devotee Prahlad and liberate Hiranyakashipu. Part of the pillar from which the Lord appeared still towers over the rugged terrain of a vast wildlife reserve where tigers and bears roam freely throughout the nava (nine) holy shrines. Over a generation ago, H.H. Indradyumna Swami explored this uninhabited region and wrote an article for Back to Godhead magazine about his amazing experiences. Now, a young Nrsimha bhakta who is one of the second generation of devotees, takes you on an intimate tour of all of the temples and additional places of interest in the region. You learn details of the Lord’s pastimes that are unavailable anywhere else. You begin by visiting a Nrsimha deity 208 yards inside a cave filled with water. You end by summiting the remains of the famous pillar. The video takes you to Prahlad’s school, offers a glimpse of the current "Jheer" who is carrying the Ahobilam tradition into the 21st century, and close-ups of nine deities with detailed explanations of their features. The videography was exquisitely shot by the incomparable Yadubara dasa. The program was edited by second generation devotee, Ishan Shapiro. Produced by Nrsimhananda dasa. Soundtrack by Sri Vidyabhusana. 38 min. color. VHS $14.95 DVD $19.95 VCD $9.95 + s&h $5 continental USA (CA residents pay 8.25% sales tax item only). ©ITV 2002 All rights reserved.


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Topanga, CA 90290



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