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ISKCON’s First Mediation Training Course
By Braja Bihari dasa
Hare Krishna 
Hare Krishna 
Krishna Krishna 
Hare Hare 
Hare Rama 
Hare Rama 
Rama Rama 
Hare Hare

The first ISKCON ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) mediator’s training course was recently completed in Towaco, New Jersey. (The next course will be in late December in Radhadesh, Belgium—see below). The course was taught by Krsnalila-devi dasi, a seasoned mediator and mediation instructor for the New York City Board of Education. She was assisted by her colleague Dan Goodman, another expert in the field of mediation.

Students completed a forty-hour seminar—beyond the hours required by most states for a standard professional mediation course. The seminar covered the spectrum of skills needed to be a successful mediator. It also provided ample opportunities for participants to practice those skills in role-plays and mock mediations. Beyond that, participants learned of the essential mindset a mediator should adopt to be effective.

Two trainees are currently seeking accreditation as mediators within their state accreditation system as a result of taking the course.

Here are some comments from the trainees:

"I learned a lot about effective communication, and how to turn conflict into a positive, transforming experience for the disputants."

"Demystifies that art of communication — a critical tool for any progressive, thinking person."

"Professional, informative, practical."

"Valuable for my spiritual life and hopeful for the future of ISKCON."

"Good stuff. Something practical and consistent with Krishna Consciousness."

"I feel confident that I can apply what I learned. The expertise I gained, I hope to use for the benefit of others."

The following fourteen devotees have completed the course. If you need a mediator, you can contact them directly, or through our central office at: mediate@pamho.net. We will be happy to help you connect with a mediator of your choice.

Kaulini-devi dasi, Port Royal, Pa
Brahma Tirtha dasa, Gainesville, Fl
Yogesvara dasa, Long Island, NY
Kalakantha dasa, Alachua, Fl
Braja Bihari dasa, Vrindavan, India
Vrajalila-devi dasi, Port Royal, Pa
Vennila Anand, Queens, NY
Hemangi-devi dasi, Chicago, Il
Tulsi Priya devi dasi, Philadelphia, Pa
Acyuta devi dasi, Port Royal, Pa
Dola Yatra devi dasi, Columbus, Oh
Mitravinda devi dasi, Philadelphia, Pa
Daksa Raval, Towaco, NJ
Madhava Pandit das, Philadelphia, PA

The first European Mediation Training Course will be held in Radhadesh, Belgium, Dec 28th to Jan 1st. Some seats are still available. For more information on this course or anything related to the ADR project, please write us at: mediate@pamho.net 

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