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We welcome you to participate in the discussions on CHAKRA.

Please be aware that CHAKRA gets a huge amount of mail and it may take us a few days to reply. Articles must first meet the approval of our submission board and may take several days to appear on the pages of CHAKRA.

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  1. Do your own spell checking. Do not send us an article full of spelling mistakes. CHAKRA uses American spelling, so words like "centre" should be spelled "center."
  2. Punctuation marks should always go inside the quotes like "this," not like "this"!
  3. Send us a digital photo if you can. We especially want a photo of you, the author.
  4. Do not abbreviate words like "HH" for "His Holiness" or "AGTSP" for "All glories to Srila Prabhupada." Also don't abbreviate "TP" for "temple president" and "dd" for "devi dasi." In short - spell it out.
  5. Read this article on how to be a reporter.

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