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“I was impressed by the fresh evidence that you unearthed from walks, talks and letters.”

Bhakta Zac  

Appreciating “Disciple of my Disciple”
By Bhakta Zac

Dear Prabhu PAMHO, AGTSP!

We have just watched “Disciple of my disciple” here at Govindadwipa and it was impressive. I felt that it was a factual presentation and felt that this is a useful tool to keep members of ISKCON faithful and not prone to the devious doctrine expertly counteracted by it. Of course the ritvik’s won’t accept anything unless HDG himself was to come back and tell them face to face-but that is their problem. I feel that the ritvik’s are only a problem for us if we give them a voice/forum to speak and as such I heard that the GBC is taking measures to make sure that their influence is minimal. Our only job is to make sure that all new members are informed as to what the reality of the issue is and your video does that effectively. I was impressed by the fresh evidence that you unearthed from walks, talks and letters of HDG where it is made CLEAR what the future of the parampara is. I also liked the variety of speakers and it was nice to see young devotees speak out as well as the stalwarts. It’s about time that we appreciated all the hard work that you seniors have put in to the movement to keep it going and we have to give all glories where it’s due. Admittedly, there has been some blunders, but that is part of the growth experience of our movement. The ritvik’s will not have a change of heart as they have become too contaminated and disillusioned, but your video will surely help future members secure in the glorious foundations that HDG gave us to build further on. Undoubtedly, more controversies/deviations will arise and those that are weak and not sincere will succumb to such, our priority is to just keep going and nourish those who wish to be nourished and ignore petty child-like people and treat them like a noisy brat-IGNORE THEM! Thank you for making the video, I am sure that this is only one of many appreciative letters that you had, the highlight for me was your nice talk that you gave as an epilogue. All glories to your service.

Your servant Bhakta Zac

© CHAKRA 27-Jan-2000

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