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“What affect is this (the poison & ritvik nonsense) having on sincere souls who are getting a book for the first time in their life and looking into spiritual possibilities?”

Iksvaku das     

Ritvik & Poison addiction can be harmful to your health
By Iksvaku das

Dear Ritvik and poison addicts,

Please accept my humble obeisance’s, all glories to Srila Prabhupada. I am writing this because I am concerned about the effects your newly found “truths” are having on the minds of unsuspecting, newly inspired souls.

I just returned to ISKCON after a 6 year bout with maya so please understand how appreciative I am that ISKCON is still here to take shelter of. After being informed by several souls of the Ritvik and poison “evidence” I must say you had me believing it for a while. During that while my poison and ritvik consciousness blinded me to the real purpose of the movement Srila Prabhupada established for the next 10,000 years and I thought (being the sincere souls you are) you might be interested in hearing what effect these issues had on my mind.

I first heard about the poison issue from a devotee in Phoenix, I think his name was Tarun. He was visiting Dasarath’s newly established ISKCON temple in Phoenix. Looking back now I realize that this issue took precedence in my mind over and above Krsna Consciousness. When a soul who has any kind of attachment to Srila Prabhupada first hears about this they think about it when they chant, take prasadam, share association with devotees, and even preach. It becomes your reason for praying, your motive for talking to others, and an open wound when you try to take rest. It’s like a big sore that won’t go away. Becoming purified of this consciousness by taking up Srila Prabhupadas recipe again I must tell you my realizations.

First you must know: I heard the poison tape, read the poison book, the last order and most of the stuff on VNN and Chakra regarding the issues. I have come to realize some things by Krsna’s mercy and I don’t know how you couldn’t have easily seen this too after all this time you have spent pursuing these issues.

Pointed out in the poison book is the fact that Srila Prabhupada states that his guru (Srila Bhaktisidhanta Maharaj our param para guru) was poisoned. Overlooked is the fact that Srila Prabhupada certainly had known this for many years and not once ever found it of such great import to state it in any of his books, nor letters, nor from what I’ve read any conversations with devotees prior to his last days. In fact he mentions this point quite softly. Yet you (all you who have dedicated so much time to this) have taken this to be more important than persuading souls of the need to chant pure rounds, and even than distributing Srila Prabhupada’s books. Srila Prabhupada never went to such lengths to establish who poisoned Srila Bhaktisidhanta. He never tried to dismantle the Gaudiya Matha nor tried to persuade any souls whom his god brothers had attracted to temple service that they should not stay with them, but you have. You have made this concocted scandal a more important thing to think about than Krsna, Lord Caitanya or any of their pastimes.

Srila Prabhupada did not call this the International Society for Prabhupada Consciousness nor does he want us to be continually meditating on whether he was poisoned or not. We should all be developing pure Krsna Consciousness. Our association should be Krsna katha and nothing else. Why do you want otherwise? If Srila Prabhupada said there are demons in this movement while he was living do you think his solution was to dismantle ISKCON completely so the demons could be rid of? If Srila Prabhupada did not want ISKCON dismantled when he was on the planet though there were demons in the movement then, why do you think he would want it dismantled now. Do you actually think Srila Prabhupada to be as short sighted as you make him out to be?

In effect what you are truly saying with your across the board statements about the established ISKCON param para is that no one has become purified, no one has been doing authorized devotional service, and anyone who wants to take shelter of Srila Prabhupada’s ISKCON is mistaken in their notion of it being of any service for souls any longer. Why don’t you wake up and realize what effect your so called “truths” are having in the minds of souls who know nothing of ISKCON nor Krsna Consciousness, what to speak of Srila Prabhupada and his disciples. If you were looking at ISKCON for the first time through the light of VNN would you consider looking into Krsna Consciousness at all?

Ask yourselves this, “What affect is this (the poison & ritvik nonsense) having on sincere souls who are getting a book for the first time in their life and looking into spiritual possibilities?” Would you jump into such a burden laiden controversy with any hope of making such an endeavor a career if you were they? Would this chanting appear to be a means of becoming purified or more messed up?

With these newly inspired souls in mind I can only think, “you don’t care what any one thinks about the process. You don’t care if anyone ever takes another one of Srila Prabhupada’s books nor if anyone ever continues to keep the standards of Deity worship going the same way Srila Prabhupada started them. What does it matter to you if no one ever steps foot in an ISKCON Temple again. In fact it seems to me that you would probably be quite happy to see the ISKCON movement dissolved into oblivion never to remind you of the path your Spiritual Master mercifully shed his torchlight of knowledge on which you have departed from. Do you chant any more? Can you think of Krsna when you chant? I couldn’t as long as I kept thinking about your poison, ritvik nonsense. Just how developed do you think souls are to be able to swallow your newly found revelations? Can they just give up their spiritual masters cause just because you have. Can they stop serving the organization Srila Prabhupada established because you can’t see the purity in any souls?

My hope is that souls who read all your propaganda or “truths” will still somehow see Krsna through all this although I can’t myself see Krsna in the whole book of poison. I guess that’s probably my lack of spiritual development because I really know Krsna is everywhere. It just seems like He’s been left out. May Srila Prabhupada be glorified, and exalted, not painted as an old, suffering , poisoned, soul who can’t help himself - like you have painted him. Iksvaku das

© CHAKRA 27-Jan-2000

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