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“Reverse Speech has many trained and experienced analysts who are every competent in the field. Don Rousse is NOT one of them. In fact, he is a danger to Reverse Speech, he cannot be trusted and his results are inaccurate and malicious.”

David John Oates
     C.H.T., A.O.C.P., Psychotherapist Founder and Developer of Reverse Speech Technologies

By David John Oates

C.H.T., A.O.C.P., Psychotherapist Founder and Developer of Reverse Speech Technologies


This report is an analysis of claims of murder made by Don Rousse [Dhanesvara das] using reverse speech analysis as published in the book, “When a man is poisoned is said like that” and also published on his website, http://dhanesvara.tripod.com/new_page_6.htm. I first met Don Rousse in late 1996 when he enrolled for a Reverse Speech training class in San Diego. From our very first meeting, I began to have problems with him. This initially came in the form of a reluctance to pay course fees and a mentality that demanded he be given everything for free. My second experience with him was when I offered him a position as a marketing manager for Reverse Speech. This was a disaster and he was terminated after three days for lack of a desire to work and a severe inability to accept instructions from others. I think my final piece of indignation was when I had an arson house fire at my home and Don Rouse came to “help clean up.” I was horrified to see him looting remaining items that had survived the house fire. Items such as toilet paper and food in the fridge.

He was also having difficulties with his ongoing Reverse Speech training. He had a large propensity to exaggerate and “hear” reversals that were not there. He additionally was unable to follow the basic research guidelines for documentation and interpretation of his findings. This, combined, with his documentations of “imagined” speech reversals, led him to some wild and fanciful conclusions that bore no resemblance in fact. To compound matters even further, this man was totally un teachable and one could give him instructions over and over again, and they would simply not be heard or followed upon. This led to his already appalling Reverse Speech skills to become even worse as he refused to listen to advice from his peers and correct his rapidly developing bad documentation procedures.

I eventually refused to certify him, as his final examination was below standard, full of fantasies and projections and using totally invalid documentation procedures. Despite this, he kept on making constant phone calls to my office wanting to know when he would get his final certifications. This became a constant annoyance to my staff who told him the same things over and over again. Finally the office refused to take or return his calls. It can become very frustrating telling the same man the same story over and over again and he still does not get it.

Now we come to 1999. He was in the middle of a project analyzing certain leaders in the Hare Krishna movement, making claims of murder, and he wanted our opinion of his reversals. He made a CD and sent them into the office along with his findings. Myself, my Vice President and another Reverse Speech Analyst, listened to his CD. Our opinion of his reversals were identical. Most of them did NOT exist, and those that did, were erroneous and interpreted incorrectly with no regards to established Reverse Speech guidelines. We told him of our findings and suggested he abandon this project and take further Reverse Speech training. He later contacted Senior Reverse Speech Practitioner, Jack Johnston, for assistance in his project. Jack’s experience with him was exactly the same as my office staff and mine. He refused to follow steps that Jack suggested and was finally advised by him as well to not proceed with the project.

The next thing we heard was that he had actually written a book, based on his so-called “reversal analysis”, that made these wild and irrational claims of murder. We told him in no uncertain terms that there is no way we can endorse this book. We reminded him that he had no legal right to use the trademarked name “Reverse Speech”, and forbad him from making any reference to Reverse Speech or to misrepresent his training and certification status. Yet, in true form, he refused to listen and began to insist over and over again that we endorse this book he had written. Finally, out of sheer frustration we had a final email communication that leaves no room for doubt. These emails are attached to this report (complete with spelling errors).

From these emails, there should have been no doubt in Don Rousse’s mind at all that he had absolutely NO permission to present his work as Reverse Speech, and he had NO permission whatsoever to use my name and website as reference points. But this has been very typical of my dealings with him. He does not listen, he is incompetent and he is hopelessly inadequate as a Reverse Speech analyst, a certification he never received in the first place as he failed his final examinations.

As one final test, when I became aware of Don Rousse’s website and his claims of endorsements from me, which were specifically denied, I asked three more Reverse Speech analysts to analyze his claims and his reversals. All three of them returned with the same conclusion. These reversals do not exist! They do not meet accepted Reverse Speech analysis guidelines and his claims are not only bogus, but they are malicious and made DESPITE strong advice to the contrary from the Reverse Speech organization This firm, totally disavows any actions of Don Rousse. We do NOT endorse him, and in fact we strongly oppose him. His findings of murder are bogus, projected out of a wild imagination.

He is not a certified analyst, he failed his final examinations and he does not know what he is doing.

On this note, let me make one final point. The study of Reverse Speech is a long and arduous process. It is not easy; the propensity to imagination is strong as is the tendency for emotional draining in the process. It takes many years of training to become skilled in this process. The technology of Reverse Speech itself is accurate. It has been proven time and time again. But, like many disciplines, its accuracy is only as valid as the person who is analyzing. Reverse Speech has many trained and experienced analysts who are every competent in the field. Don Rousse is NOT one of them. In fact, he is a danger to Reverse Speech, he cannot be trusted and his results are inaccurate and malicious. Sincerely,

David John Oates

© CHAKRA 10-Feb-2000

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