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Hare Krishna 
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Rama Rama 
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“Some say fast, some say slowly. I find the slow-cooked ones stay crisper longer.”

Ram Prasad das     

Curd Samosas (Krishna Charan’s recipe)
By Ram Prasad das

2 heads cauliflower
2 gallons milk (from protected cows)
one pound of peas

1. Cut and deep fry cauliflower
2. Make curd out of milk (bring milk to boil, add lemon juice or yogurt slowly until curds separate from whey)
3. Heat ghee; add mustard seeds until they pop. Cool off ghee with minced ginger and chilies. Add generous quantity of hing, cumin powder, coriander, and turmeric. Add peas. Cook for a couple of minutes.
4. Scoop the curds out of the whey and add them to the peas. The curd ought to be moist. If you are using pressed curd, you will want to add whey. Break the curd up while stirring. The curd will become yellow from the turmeric.
5. Add deep-fried cauliflower, and salt.

1. Make dough. 1 C. (1/2 pound) butter, 7 C. flour. A little salt. Add water so that the dough is dry enough that it doesn’t stick to the rolling pin or the table, but moist enough that when rolled out, the edges are smooth and unbroken.
2. Fill as usual. You might want someone to show you how to roll a samosa. One way is to roll a perfect circle, put the filling in the middle (make sure when you fold the dough over the filling that no filling gets stuck on the edge because you need to create a perfect seal). Seal the samosa. When the dough is perfect, you won’t need any water. If the dough doesn’t easily stick together, dip your finger in water and run it along the edge to seal (one side only). Tips: When making creases, press firmly so that the creases are distinct. Don’t overfill.
3. Deep-fry. Some say fast, some say slowly. I find the slow-cooked ones stay crisper longer.


Put oil or ghee in the pan. Add mustard seeds if you like. Let them pop. Add chiles and ginger (if desired) to cool off the oil. Let the chiles and ginger cook for a minute or two, add hing. If you don’t desire chilies and ginger, add vegetables then hing, curry powder, and paprika.

Add salt.

This will give a base flavor that you can accentuate with different flavors (fennel seeds, cumin seeds, bay leaves, lemon juice, green mango powder (amchur), or whatever suits you).

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