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 The anti-ISKCON web page, VNN, known for it’s pro-Gaudia Math agenda, may have been shooting from the hip over the “poison issue,” openly publicizing unverifiable claims.

A new book presented to the GBC Body at Mayapur this year convinced even skeptics that all the evidence categorically points to the fact that Srila Prabhupada left this world gloriously, and by natural causes of kidney failure due to diabetes.

As soon as CHAKRA published a preliminary report from Mayapur about the topic this year (see past article), VNN published a series of articles attempting to make foolishness of the GBC for their so-called shallow examination. But now it is VNN itself that has egg on its face.

GBC Body is convinced Prabhupada was not poisoned
By Vipramukhya Swami

CHAKRA – March 20, 2000: The GBC Body watched a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation on the new book “Not that I am Poisoned” at the annual meeting this year. The presentation convinced GBC members that the poison theory was without foundation and that the resignation of Naveen Krishna dasa may have been due to his not fully hearing both sides of the argument.

The Microsoft Powerpoint presentation runs only as a Microsoft Powerpoint file. Powerpoint is one of the Microsoft Office 98 and 2000 programs. CHAKRA readers may download this file by clicking here. (File is zipped, and must be unzipped before viewing in MS Powerpoint. To download an unzipping program, click here.)

For those who do not have Powerpoint, or who would prefer to see the presentation online, they may watch the entire presentation by clicking here. (The presentation is very graphics intensive, and pages may take time to download.)

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