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“Some temple presidents don't give or keep proper financial reports and many times they use temple property for personal and familial sense gratification.”

The debate: Should Temple Presidents be Elected?

CHAKRA wants to thank all the devotees who have contributed their time and thoughts to this debate. The debate is now over on CHAKRA, but we hope it has stimulated discussion and improved communication about these important issues in your local communities. 

Did Prabhupada want temple presidents elected?
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Temple Presidents Elected?
Comment on article by Jagannath das

I just read the article by Chaitanya Chandra Prabhu in your Chakra Website. It was very nice. I never thought that Prabhupada wanted the Temple Presidents to be elected. I always thought that we have to be stuck with whatever the GBCs send us. 

If true, we should immediately implement this idea in all the temples. Devotees in the temple who are at least first initiated and the congregation who are very much involved in the temple affairs can do the voting. It is very important, because the GBCs only come to the temple once in a while. When they come they don't directly talked to the devotees about their problems, well being, etc. They come, give few lectures and go. When they come the temple president puts on a nice face, accommodation, prasadam, and lots of devotees naturally come to hear them. 

And the GBCs think that it is running very nicely. But in many temples devotees are not happy or sometimes outraged about how the temple presidents manage things, deal with devotees in general etc. And the common devotees have no one to turn to and as a result they leave the temple in disgust. 

If they tell their gurus (who are powerless in front for the temple presidents) or tell the GBCs their problems, usually they think that the temple president is absolutely right and it is offence to say anything against him. And this is why many of the devotees get frustrated. Many of the temple presidents don't care for the general devotees, because they know that the GBC is their personal friend and no one can therefore do anything to them.

Some temple presidents don’t give or keep proper financial reports and many times they use temple property for personal and familial sense gratification. They buy new cars, computers, and other unnecessary machines and use for personal benefits often. They stay in their positions for many years without letting other devotees take over. They treat the temple as if it is their personal house and that devotees are working for them and are, therefore, at their mercy. Those types of temple presidents would not get elected so this election process could solve lots and lots of problems at our temples, including (1) abusing women, (2) abusing and misusing general devotees, (3) lack of caring for devotees and treating them like persons and servants of Lord Krishna, (4) lack of financial accountability, and many other problems.

Please let the devotees have a discussion at your web page and share their views on this very important subject. If Prabhupada wanted elected Temple Presidents, many problems will be solved and all the devotees will be happy. Please don't think I am making up these things. If you don't believe me than you all can do the studies by yourself by interviewing devotees personally in different temples. Usually devotees don't speak up because they think it is offence or nothing will change anyway. So this web page is nice because lots of devotees can share their views.

Your servant, Jagannath Das

© CHAKRA 11-April-2000

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