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 “Please be aware that this person is speaking nonsense and [for VNN] to carry on reporting his attention-seeking rumors is only discrediting your page.”

COM Attacks on VNN
By Bhagavat Dharma das

Dear VNN staff

Respects to you and your spiritual masters.

Please be aware that this person 'Kurma Rupa dasa' who is attacking COM through your pages is speaking nonsense, and to carry on reporting his attention-seeking rumors is only discrediting your page. There has been no mass exodus from COM. There are currently 2780 active members of the system.

As far as we are aware this person is actually Chaitanya Chandrodaya dasa of the independent Wicklow Community in Ireland. I cannot imagine what has stirred him up right now. I have personally found him to be unreliable in the past. On at least one occasion, he downloaded personal correspondence from my COM account and sent it without permission to a third party.

Raktambara who runs COM is an extremely hard-working and committed person, whose main interest lies in providing a first class service to all the thousands of Vaishnava's who depend on COM each day. He is not in the least bit interested in reading other people's mail. The software is written from the ground up by Ramakanta dasa is Switzerland. He is a professional programmer whose concern is also to offer a first class service for all the Vaishnava's who need it.

Please stop this vendetta. If you want to see how COM operates, and who are the people behind it, then why not act in a professional manner and send us a list of questions. Why not act like journalists with standards? That is what your web page sets out to do - isn't it?

Your Servant

Bhagavat Dharma dasa

© CHAKRA 22-April-2000

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