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The Straw that Broke The Back of my Opinion of CHAKRA
By Vraja Kishor das

"Is VNN Finally Offline," an article written and rushed to publication by Pujyapad Vipramukhya Swami, was the straw that broke the back of my opinion of oldchakra.com.

Pujyapad Vipramukhya Swami's apparent gloating over the technical distress of VNN is childish, and clearly expresses the enmity he harbors towards that site. Krishna indicates in the Gita that one who becomes happy because of another person's distress is bewildered by the dark mode of nature. Prahlad Maharaja indicates in Bhagavatam that he or she who sees one person as a friend and another as an enemy is bewildered by illusion.

Pujyapad Vipramukhya Swami describes VNN as "anti-ISKCON, pro-Gaudiya Math," thus ascribing villainy and evil to VNN and, more importantly, to the undefined terms "anti-ISKCON" and "pro-Gaudiya Math." He thus insults the many persons who participate in VNN, the many persons who are not official members of ISKCON, and the many persons who participate in the Gaudiya Math.

I make enough aparadh all by myself. Indeed, my myriad of expert aparadh makes these statements of Pujyapad Vipramukhya Swami seem quite tame. However, I respectfully recommend that Pujyapad Vipramukhya Swami apologize at length and with humble tact. Although it is not of much consequence, I will not publish any more articles on Chakra untill I feel that the webmaster is bettered, either by himself or by another.

I also find it odd that my reply to Dravida Prabhu regarding his ill-conceived article about Narayan Maharaj does not show up with his article on the "Narayan-Maharaj-Page," but has been relegated to the obscure miscellany of the "letters page." Chakra's sectarian attitude towards Narayan Maharaj has also been a cause of repulsion for me.

I already have an article in line for publication in reply to Krishna Avatar's article regarding Dhanurdhar Swami. I apologize to Krishna Avatar, but I request the editors of Chakra not to publish that article, as I no longer wish to be connected with the site.

I also apologize to anyone who may have kindly and generously appreciated my articles on Chakra. I will continue to post them on VNN. I also apologize to the friends I have made at Chakra, and hope our friendship will continue.

With regrets, Vraj

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