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Radharani Gets Sunglasses
By Adikurma das

CHAKRA (Toronto, Canada) - Say again?

No kidding. About 60 devotees and friends burst into laughter while unwrapping gifts for Srimati Radharani on Her appearance Day recently.

The reason? Someone donated a beautiful pair of sunglasses.

It was a fabulous evening. It was Radhastami, the appearance day of Srimati Radharani, consort of Lord Krishna, being observed at the Toronto, Canada temple.

Devotees were chanting and singing. At one point His holiness Bhaktimarga Maharaja started to read from the Nectar of Devotion about Radharani to increase the transcendental mood.

Then the best part of the event came. Everyone was eager to see what gifts Srimati Radharani received on Her birthday. It was time to open them in front of the deities.

Pujaris were unwrapping the gifts and then showing them to Srimati Radharani on the altar. The gifts were then passed along to Bhaktimarga Maharaja to show the audience and read out the name of the donor.

Suddenly a strange gift emerged. It was a beautiful package containing a pair of “funky” sunglasses along with a pair of reading glasses. The gift was so unusual that it caught everyone by surprise. Inside there was a note saying who was the person who had given the gift.

Rolls of laughter went on for at least two minutes and at last everyone wanted Maharaja to read the donor’s name. Maharaja opened the attached note and to his surprise it was one of the devotees from the temple.

There were much more laughter after the announcement of the name. But the most merciful Srimati Radharani accepted the gift.

And why not? Her devotee donated it with plenty of love and devotion.

© CHAKRA 20-September-2000

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