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“Follow the controversies, dilemmas and solutions chalked out by ISKCON’s highest authority, the Governing Body Commission (GBC) at their annual general meeting.”

Annual GBC Meeting Update
By Vipramukhya Swami
A CHAKRA exclusive

The oldchakra.com website will post daily news outlining the progress of the GBC meetings this year for the 4th year running. Follow the controversies, dilemmas and solutions chalked out by ISKCON’s highest authority, the Governing Body Commission (GBC) at their annual general meeting.

The GBC meetings are scheduled to begin on February 7th and extend through February 19th.  They will take place on ISKCON land at Sri-Mayapur in the district of Nadia, West Bengal, India.

Morning GBC sessions will begin at 10:00 AM and end at 1:00 PM. Afternoon sessions begin at 3:00 PM and extend until 6:00 PM.

The general schedule of the meetings is scheduled as follows:

2/7/01     AM     Plenary - Opening Session
2/7/01     PM     Subcommittee meetings
2/8/01     AM     Subcommittee meetings
2/8/01     PM     Subcommittee meetings
2/9/01     AM     Child Protection Presentation*
2/9/01     PM     Child Protection Presentation*
2/10/01     AM     Subcommittee meetings
2/10/01     PM     Free time **
2/11/01     AM     Plenary - straw vote
2/11/01     PM     Plenary - straw vote
2/12/01     AM     Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Appearance Day Observed
2/12/01     PM     Plenary - straw vote (if needed)
2/13/01     AM     Mayapur Project Presentation
2/13/01     PM     Mayapur Boys Gurukula Open House
2/14/01     AM     GBC Prasad day *** - ISKCON Managers Meeting
2/14/01     PM     GBC Free time - IMM continues
2/15/01     AM     Subcommittees review straw votes, IMM input
2/15/01     PM     Subcommittees finalize proposals
2/16/01     AM     Subcommittees   " "
2/16/01     PM     Subcommittees   " "
2/17/01     AM     Free time **
2/17/01     PM     Free time **
2/18/01     AM     Plenary - final votes
2/18/01     PM     Plenary - final votes
2/19/01     AM   At EC discretion
2/19/01     PM   At EC discretion

* 'Child Protection and Clergy' Presentation by Dhira Govinda das, covering counseling, congregational roles and legal considerations. Includes Catholic and Jewish videos and plenary discussion.

** May be used for additional subcommittee time if needed.

*** GBC members cook lunch for Mayapur gurukula students and staff.

Subcommittee Assignments and Proposal Summaries (These provisional assignments are based on previous assignments, geographical balance, ashram balance, expertise, and EC directives. An asterik (*) indicates subcommittee facilitator.)

Subcommittee One: Finance/Property

Bir Krsna Goswami
Harivilas Prabhu
Sri Trikalajna Prabhu
Tirtharaja Prabhu *

Proposal Source and Summary

1. Annual business
That the GBC review the 2000 budget and adopt a budget for 2001

2. Anuttama
That the GBC divide the $105,000 CPO budget equally among its members

3. Old business
Calls for financial reports from ISKCON leaders to EC

4. Madhusevita, Spanish Council
Proposed sale of Spanish Farm

5. Nitai Gaurasundara Prabhu
That the GBC authorize the Paris Deities to move from a rented house to a purchased facility

6. Sivarama Swami, Pragosh Prabhu
That the GBC authorize a committee to approve Inis Rath sale and purchase of new facility in Dublin

Subcommittee Two: GBC Restructuring

Radhanatha Swami
Ramai Swami
Romapada Swami
Anuttama Prabhu
Bhima Prabhu
Badrinarayan Prabhu
Malati Mataji
Acutya Priya Prabhu
Braja Bihari Prabhu *
Hrdaya Caitanya Prabhu
Kesava Swami
Manu Prabhu
Radha Krsna Prabhu *

Proposal Source and Summary

1. Bhaktimarg Swami
That the GBC phase out sannyasi members over the next 3 years

2. Ravindra Swarupa
Blueprint for GBC restructuring

3. Jayapataka Swami
That the GBC follow up on Harikesh's outline for restructuring ISKCON (from 1998) (Note: Maharaja has also submitted a series of detailed specific proposals which are summarized in this overall proposal. They include reforms such as a full-time EC/CEO, a Chief Minister to oversee ISKCON Ministries, Monitor GBCs overseeing GBC Zonal Secretaries, enhanced Continental Committees and other reforms).

4. Kavichandra Swami, Sri Rama,
COM conference Blueprint for GBC restructuring

5. Sesa, Bharatsrestha
That the GBC body divide its membership and duties into managerial and philosophcial roles

6. Virabahu
That the GBC tighten personal standards for those making ISKCON law

7. GBC Secretariat
That the GBC update and consolidate the roles of the GBC Deputies and ISKCON Managers Meeting

8. Bhima, Braja Bihari
That the GBC reorganize the method for assigning GBCs for India

Subcommittee Three: Gurus and Initiations

Bhakti Caitanya Swami*
Bhakti Marg Swami
Gopal Krsna Goswami
Prabhavishnu Swami
Prahladananda Swami
Sivarama Swami
Vaidyanatha Prabhu
Jagat Chaksur Prabhu
Praghosh Prabhu
Ramabhadra Prabhu
Simhesvara Prabhhu
Vipramukhya Swami*

Proposal Source and Summary

1. Bir Krsna Goswami, Sesa, Virabahu, Nrsimhananda
That all guru dakshine be turned over to a GBC committee for disbursal

2. Old business
Report from 2000 Guru Committee concerning, among other issues, GBC permission in principle for devotees to initiate prior to the physical disappearance of their spiritual master.

3. Vaidyanatha, Purnachandra
That ISKCON gurus returning to college desist from initiating.

Subcommittee Four: Justice

Giridhari Swami
Guru Prasad Swami
Niranjana Swami
Ananda Caitanya Prabhu
Dadhibaksa Prabhu
Danavir Goswami
Hari Sauri Prabhu
Haridas Prabhu
Madan Mohan Prabhu*
Raghupati Pran Prabhu
Bhaktarupa Prabhu*

Proposal Source and Summary

1. Braja Bihari
That the GBC empower a committee to determine the status of Mahavishnu Swami in ISKCON and that of his disciples

2. Prahladananda Swami
That the GBC empower a committee to resolve the conflict among the Czech devotees.

3. Sesa, Braja Bihari
That the GBC establish a new division of the Justice ministry to mediate conflicts.

4. Sesa, Romapada Swami, Danavir Goswami
That the GBC reorganize the Justice Ministry

5. Dhira Govinda
That the GBC amend the procedure for appealing CPO decisions

Subcommittee Five: Philosophy

Bhakti Swarupa Damodar Swami
Paramgati Swami
Trivikrama Swami
Suhotra Swami
Virabahu Prabhu
Lokanatha Swami
Pancharatna Prabhu
Sudharma Mataji
Hanuman Prabhu*
Vedavyasapriya Swami

Proposal Source and Summary

1. BBT Trustees
That the GBC accept responsibility to maintain the accuracy of the Vaishnava

2. Bhaktimarg Swami
That the GBC adopt the Mayapur calendar for all of ISKCON

3. Sesa, Brahmatirtha
That the GBC reinstate Rupa Vilas, who has renounced ritvikism and now serves favorably in an ISKCON project

4. Vaidyanantha,Purnachandra
That the GBC establish a non-voting brahminical committee to consider philosophical issues
5. Virabahu, Vishaka Priya d.d.
That the GBC officially clarify the definition of illicit sex

Subcommittee Six: Preaching

Bhaktivaibhava Swami
Jayapataka Swami
Kavichandra Swami
Rohini Suta Prabhu
Atmabhu Prabhu
Bhakti Purushottama Swami
Brhat Mrdanga Prabhu
Devamrta Swami
Giridhari Prabhu*
Shyama Prabhu
Visvambhara Prabhu

Proposal Source and Summary

1. BBT Trustees
That the GBC understand and communicate new Vyasa Puja book policies

2. BBT Trustees
That the GBC take steps to encourage participation in the SKP Newsletter

3. BBT Trustees
That the GBC formally recognize the BBT's independence from ISKCON

4. Bhaktimarg Swami
That the GBC work with the BBT to produce an updated introductory magazine for ISKCON

5. Bhaktivaibhava Swami, Akrura das
That GBC members undergo systematic leadership training

6. Committee of Abenthuer leaders
That 25% of the German BBT profits go to saving Abenthuer

7. Manu Prabhu
That the GBC encourage temples and regions to appoint youth Ministers

8. Ravindra Swarupa, Virabahu, Nrsimhananda
That the GBC review the script for the Abhay Caran video series.

9. GBC Secretariat
Review the new ISKCON Management Information system as a tool for chalking out an annual ISKCON preaching strategy.

Zonal Assignments: Coordinator Aniruddha Prabhu
(to work with Executive Committee in addressing the following items):

1. Annual Business
That the GBC review the current status of all Ministries

2. Annual business
That the GBC update the membership situation of assistants, candidates

3. GBC Secretariat
That the GBC replace Manjari with Radha Krsna das

4. German leaders
That the GBC assign Rohini Suta Prabhu as co-GBC for Germany

5. Jayapataka Swami
That the GBC add Bhanu Swami as a member

6. Jayapataka Swami
That the GBC add Bhakti Purushottama Swami

7. Prahladananda Swami
That the GBC clarify ambiguity about the membership of several prominent devotees

8. Ramai Swami, Bir Krsna Goswami
That the GBC review the situation and GBC assignment in Mauritius

9. Croatian National Council
That the GBC appoint Dadhibhaksa Prabhu as GBC secretary for Croatia and Bosnia

GBC Members and Deputies not coming:

Bhakti Caru Swami
Krsna Ksetra Prabhu
Tamal Krsna Gosvami
Bhakti Tirtha Swami
Sesa Prabhu
Madhusevita Prabhu
Sarvaisvarya Prabhu
Svavasa Prabhu
Uttama Sloka Prabhu

© CHAKRA 01 February 2001

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