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Important Breaking News... Narayan M. Read This...
Name withheld at the request of the author

This morning the doorway of a devotees house was found with graffiti. The house is that of Venu Gopal, temple co-president at New Govardhan - AU. Venu is away at the moment.

Photos are attached. The text of the graffiti is as follows.

Left side:

"we're 15 and had it with you. Tirtharaj, ageet, ramai stop fucking with Narayan's devotees.

Make one mistake Venu and this house burns. The Pinnicle house burns Your cars + Ramai van burns.

(further to the left) "If your wife problem we'll burn her houses"


Right side: We 15 u 4

Don't fuck with us

Ramai no more chances

Venu No more cheating. We hear one problem we come here burn your things.


Notes: Venu lives at this wooden house with his wife and their two children aged 15 and 10. In the downstairs of this house lives Jagannath Misra, who is a single parent caring for two boys aged 5 and three.

Titharaj is the GBC deputy for Australia. Ageet is Ajita, who is joint TEMPLE PRESIDENT with Venu for New Govardhan. Ramai is co-GBC for Australia. "Pinnicle house" refers to the new house Venu is building about 15 minutes drive from the farm. It is almost completed and represents his life savings, along with a hefty mortgage burden.

The management here is polite but firm that Narayan Maharaja disciples may not proseletyse at New Govardhan.

NB Narayan Maharaja is in Murwillumbah at the moment. There is a public festival at a local hall every evening. Last evening there were many devotees around with black on the forehead, indicating that there was a fire sacrifice there last evening.

Not a very auspicious outcome.

© CHAKRA 27 February 2001

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