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Prabhupada Pure and Blameless
By Vrin Parker

Recent reports about abuse in the Hare Krishna schools are historically inaccurate. When these accusers try to blame the founder, A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, they are actually engaging in criminal misconduct. If he were still with us, physically, he could successfully sue these accusers for slander.

How would I know? Well, I was one of the 1st kids in his schools, (3rd enrollee). Unlike most in the lawsuit, I am old enough to have first hand remembrance of Prabhupada. It is no surprise that over 90% of those involved in the suit were too young to even remember Prabhupada and enrolled much later. Those who do remember him, like myself, admit there was abuse but recognize that blaming the Founder is legally and morally irresponsible and reckless. No amount of money can convince us to betray his memory.

Yes abuse occurred, but the horrendous abuses did not begin until after he passed away. The fact is, we were his "Future Hope." That is the very reason we were targeted and nearly destroyed by various infiltrators who had no real interest in the Hare Krishna religion and Culture, except to destroy it. The western mainstream society correctly saw the movement as a major threat to their societal hegemony.

The girl with the horror stories about Dallas, TX is bent on destroying the reputation of the Hare Krishna's, perhaps on her own accord, but I doubt it. Let me just say that the stories she has been quoting are mostly impossible exaggerations and would not and could not have happened in a vacuum. In other words, we would have heard about it, just as we heard about every other incident that took place. We were there and were fully aware of what happened and didn't happen.

The fact is, there are some valid and serious accusations to be answered. I remember many incidents that would land any adult in jail. However, to have the record twisted into unrecognizable falsehoods only belittles us and completely distorts the truth. To try and place the blame on Swami Prabhupada crosses the line of ethics and legality. In a court of law it is called perjury and is punishable. This is the very reason I was forced to bow out of the lawsuit. These money hungry people had hijacked my search for justice.

Of course, I want those responsible to be brought to justice but I refuse to allow my own past to be manipulated and savaged by those with no interest in justice. Rather than looking for justice these unfortunate people have decided to continue our abuse by slandering Prabhupada and spreading a distorted record of a past they have no accurate memory of. It is clear to me that it is greed for money rather than justice that motivates those filing this lawsuit.

The truth is Prabhupada was neither a business manager nor a schoolmaster nor an Empire builder nor a political leader. He was the 1st Indian Missionary since Buddha's early followers, to successfully transplant the teachings of Ancient India to foreign lands. He didn't just bring it to the universities or to the upper class socialites interested only in the curious ways of the East. He brought it to the root level...to the common man and woman in the street.

Lets not forget he came to the USA on a cargo ship with $7, had two heart attacks on the way...lived in a financially destitute state for nearly a year, suffered the extreme cold climate of the West, but kept on preaching. Why? Because of his deep love, faith and compassion for a spiritually starved world.

He also had a strong desire to revive the Indian people's confidence in their own culture and knew that if the westerners became devotees of Krishna they would follow suit. Amazingly...it worked; to the boon of the saintly and the bane of the wicked.

In the midst of the clash of two extreme opposites, i.e. western materialism and eastern spiritualism, there was bound to be an extreme reaction. This does not surprise anyone with an understanding of the dynamics of the culture clash phenomenon.

Don't forget that when you make ghee, the impurities will always rise to the top. Don't be shocked, just remove them and keep making the ghee. Sooner or later you will be left with a shining gold liquid; pure and rich with deep flavor.

© CHAKRA 14 April 2001

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Child Abuse Page
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