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Who is Following Who?
By V. Jamnadas

This article on why the preaching of Narayan Maharaja is different from what Srila Prabhupada had given for ISKCON - is the most convincing I have read so far - all the other articles are simply blasphemous and do not follow the right etiquette of debate and discussion. Even if disciples and followers of Narayan Maharaja read this article they will re-think about the path they are following again and again. The thing is that because this article is objective without tone of hatred, disgust, and personal name calling, cheap attacks, it is more likely to be read by followers of Narayan Maharaja than not. The article in no way has a tone of hatred and disgust that other articles on this sight seem to have.

Although I do not believe in what Narayan Maharaja is preaching, I none the less would never engage in criticizing in such a avaisanava manner in which criticisms have been laid on this sight, or for that matter on VNN as well. I have at times felt utter disgust at reading some articles which are completely avaisnava about Narayana Maharaja on this sight especially. A neutral person by reading such articles would sympathize with the cause of Narayan Maharaja - exactly the opposite of what the author(s) had intended. Therefore my sincere request to the editors not to post such articles which are over toned with personal bickering - and tones which are avaisnava. Only post articles such as these. Who is following Who?

Just 3 things I am disappointed about:
1. The author(s) refused to provide his/their name(s) - Srila Prabhupada said that before reading anything he would read the name of the person who has written the material - so having a name would carry more weight - I hope you are able to convince the author(s) to re-submit his/their name(s)
2. The article should remain in the Home page - why was it removed so quickly.
3. The article does not appear in VNN. Why not submit this article on VNN as well.
V. Jamnadas

© CHAKRA 02 June 2001

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