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Are we "Scrupulously Honest?"
By Niscala devi dasi


In light of conflicting evidence, we are now awaiting Bhakti Caru Swami to either substantiate his claim that Adridharana attempted to sabotage the Calcutta Rathayatra, or make an apology for misleading people into thinking that he was.

We are not contesting the fact that Bhakti Caru Maharaja has a more positive view of the rathyatra than Adridharana, the newspapers or even most devotees have. Nor of Indradyumna Swami's ability to do the same in regard to Polish preaching. It is great to be able to see things in a positive light, but to publicly spread misleading information about another devotee, regardless of his philosophical views, is hardly fit behaviour for a vaisnava, what to speak of a guru.

If either Bhakti Caru Maharaja proves his claims are true, or if he apologizes to Adridharana, we will be greatly relieved that in the first case he is displaying honesty, and in the second case, great humility, combined with honesty and compassion. In the second instant, we should not begrudge him for falling into duplicity, but try to see that there is the sincerity to rectify and embrace the pain that adhering to the truth brings.

Thankyou for showing us how the Polish preaching continued past a very discouraging time, due to the sincere efforts of Indradyumna Swami. However when people join our society due to such efforts, do we want them to leave in due course of time, when they see the dishonest behaviour of their gurus towards other devotees? We hope that Bhakti Caru Maharaja will prove this to not be the case with himself.

Although we see Adridharana making unsubstantiated claims, we do not have to do so back. Let us not descend into petty rumour mongering. We will never achieve our purpose in creating pure devotees, by such a policy.

Let him rant on, while we concentrate on setting an ideal example ourselves, by being "scrupulously honest" as per the request of Srila Prabhupada.

Then sincere devotees will stay in our ranks.

Your servant, Niscala: niscala89@hotmail.com

© CHAKRA 16-July-2001

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