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Thoughts on the Moon Landing
By Thakur Haridas das


Namaste. Jaya Srila Prabhupada.

Thank you for CHAKRA. I especially delight in the Diary of a Traveling Preacher articles by Indradyumna Swami. You are doing a great service to all devotees.

The article questioning the authenticity of the NASA moon landings was interesting, but the accusations of fraud based on photos have been bandied about for years with inconclusive arguments and counter arguments. I've heard argued, in response to claims that the Apollo mission was faked, that there is certain evidence which could not have been faked.

The argument is that any government, university or other institution with relatively modest telemetry equipment, as they traveled through space, could monitor the progress of the lunar capsules. The capsules were transmitting as they moved, and it would have been easy to know where they were going, how the signal was cut off as they "orbited around the moon," etc.

I have not heard any technical counterargument to this point. I would be glad to know from any qualified person whether this argument holds water.

The only response to this argument I've received from devotees that the conspiracy was worldwide is difficult for me to accept.

At the time, there was a cold war competition between the communist and democratic systems, which was sublimated into a competition to excel in space exploration. It is one thing to postulate that there was a gigantic conspiracy within the US between the various branches of government and NASA, but according to this argument the conspiracy would have also had to include the supposed competition--the Soviet Union itself-- as well as numerous governments and institutions worldwide.

This seems unlikely, but I have heard respected devotees in good standing make this claim, that the raksasas have taken over positions in all the world's governments and institutions and conspired the multiple moon landing hoaxes including the Apollo 13 disaster. Aside from explaining how one could know about such a conspiracy and the purported existence of disguised raksasas, what would be the purpose of such an extensive and elaborate hoax? These ideas seem highly speculative. What is the evidence for them?

Sincerely, Thakur Haridas das

© CHAKRA 18-July-2001

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