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Family and Youth Conference 2001
September 21-23, 2001

Friday  2:00 PM-9:00 PM   *   Saturday  10:00 AM-6:00 PM   *   Sunday  10:00 AM-2:00 PM

Alachua, Florida: Do you feel rootless, like you don’t belong anywhere? When people ask, where are you from or where is your home, can you answer without thinking about it? Do you feel socially isolated when working or going to school in the dominant culture around you?

“Learning From Our Past, Planning For Our Future” is the theme of this progressive conference organized to explore and plan proactive approaches toward improving our devotional Society.  Considering the challenges of working and living in the secular world, the topics covered will be stimulating and focused on the practical application in daily life.  There will be a variety of highly qualified and experienced devotee speakers, as well as, sociologist, Burke Rochford, Phd., and psychologist, David Suchman, Phd, who will provide a professional outlook and approach toward resolving our past shortcomings and moving on to a brighter future. 

The vision is to help heal, unite, and educate multigenerations about marriage relationships, childrearing, education, spirituality, and practical living skills.  The participants of this conference are dedicated to help our society grow and establish itself internally, as well as, develop a positive presence in the secular world. 

Everyone is welcome to attend!
Attendance fee:  $35.00 (including meals)
RSVP by Sept. 1st
*Limited number of youth sponsorships are available through Children of Krishna

 For registration or information contact: 

ISKCON Communications
Phone: (301) 299-9707  Fax: (301) 299-5025  email: chitralekhadasi@hotmail.com


 Scheduled Speakers and Topics

 Burke Rochford, Phd – Explores the development of family life within devotee communities over the past twenty years; The emergence of the nuclear family, and the influence this change in family structure has on devotees’ commitments, relationships, and practices.

David Suchman, Phd – Addresses the serious issue of pain caused in our communities, the need to heal the wounds, and take responsibility to move on with your lives.  Terrible things happen to everyone, don’t think that because it happened, you are therefore bad.

 Bhakti dasi – Discusses the important elements of “Making a Krsna Conscious Marriage Work” including goals, relationships, expectations, roles, and respect.

 Arcana Siddhi dasi - Facilitates an interactive session focused on developing lasting marriage relationships.

Yudhisthira dasa - Plans an enlightening session of youth presentations about the positive and negative outcomes of being raised as devotee children. Other youth speakers include Jahnavi, Children of Krishna, Karnamrta, and Prajyumna.

 Visakha dasi, Author – Reveals the characteristics of a successful grhastha life, illustrated with scriptural examples and quotes.

Bharat Srestha dasa, (William G. Wall, Phd)– Delivers an insightful presentation – “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child, It Takes a Village to Kill a Child.”

Braja Bihari dasa, Director of Vrindavan Institute for Higher Education – An informative session about the “Vision and Direction of the Ministry for Educational Development.”

Ananda Vrindavana devi dasi, Principal of Bhaktivedanta Gurukula  - Delivers a practical outlook - “Coming Full Circle: Giving Krishna Consciousness to our Children Today.”

Haridas dasa (Harvey Stimpel, MA) & Radha dasi (Rebecca Cornia, Esq.) – Address practical topics including how devotees can participate in society and fulfill civil obligations without losing their devotional identity.

Dhira Govinda dasa (David Wolfe, Phd.) – Gives stimulating presentation on the potential for devotees to deliver Vedic science and Vaishnava practices through the social sciences.

Reflections/Conclusion Panel: An interactive panel discusses the conference topics on the theme “What Do We Think?” Anuttama dasa facilitates a conclusive discussion on “Planning For Our Future.”                     

Other Speakers To Be Announced



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