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A Comment on "Krishna Conscious Marriage"
By Anandini devi dasi

This is a comment on Jayasri's recent article, "Krishna Conscious Marriage."

Hare Krishna. I believe Jayasri failed to think of some aspects of Kali yuga before writing her recent article on CHAKRA.

First of all, it would be wonderful if life was as easy as she made it sound: just serve your husband - don't work, etc. Unfortunately, that is not the case for most women.

I was just curious who was going to pay our mortgage when we cannot afford it on one income – ISKCON? Don't the temples benefit from devotees who have enough money to actually give donations? I myself do not work, but I have many devotee friends, including women, who must because of financial reasons.

I also disagree with the comment that we should find every woman a husband. This sounds great, until you look at the statistics. I am only 29 and already half of my devotee friends have been divorced. Why? Is it because of the mentality, "You must be married?"

There is so much pressure to marry the first devotee man who comes along, even if they are incompatible.

Another thing Jayasri failed to take into consideration is that many men do not have the ideal Vedic personality or mentality that enables a women to serve them. These are not Vedic times.

For instance, should a woman still serve a husband that abuses her mentally or physically? In Vedic times I don't think all these problems that men have with anger and stress existed. Everyone is responsible for his or her own actions. If my husband comes home from work upset about something and decides to take it out on me, that is nothing I did, that is something he needs to work on.

 I am in no way saying that there is anything wrong with a women serving her husband, I also feel that the man should be the more dominating force and give protection to the woman, but I just need to say that we also need to look at this realistically.

This world is a lot different then the world Jayasri is referring to. Maybe if devotees would start accepting the way people live now, and work with that instead of against it, maybe then there would be fewer problems in grhasta ashram.

Your servant,

Anandini devi dasi

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