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Addendum to Nrsimhananda's Comments
By Nrsimhananda dasa

Editor's note: This was originally intended to be part of Nrsimhananda's reply to Sravana.

A final note. There are GBC resolutions specifically prohibiting copying of ITV videos. If Sravana, Brahmananda, Gargamuni, or anyone else doesn't like those rules, then they can lobby to change them. But to disregard the resolutions disqualifies them from being a part of the official ISKCON organization, and only those members in good standing can sit on the Vyasasan to give pravacan, hold any official positions, or be authorized in any way to represent the society. Therefore, Srananvan, and any of the devotees, GBC or otherwise, who violate the resolutions, should be honest about their actual status and step down from any position of authority. If some Swami is buying pirated tapes, supporting unauthorized copying, and exposing a philosophy contrary to that which has been adopted by the GBC, then they are hypocrites in saffron (or white) cloth.

Sranavan has correctly pointed out the hypocrisy within the society. ITV had also been somewhat guilty to a certain degree of it by duplicating Indian devotional movies without contacting the copyright owners. That error has been corrected, and just compensation for past sales has been offered. There is no going forward without making amends. All debts are paid if one is actually following the orders of the spiritual master. In this case, those orders are being handed down through the GBC, which represents the will of Srila Prabhupada. We may agree or disagree, but we must follow to avoid hypocrisy. Or we should leave the organization and start another with different rules.

The producer of the Animated Ramayan threatened to sue ISKCON if duplication of his movie was not stopped immediately. I met with him personally, and I informed all the leaders, web sites, etc. I especially made sure that Brahmananda and Gargamuni were aware of the producer's wishes and his threats. That was two years ago. Just the other day I received information from a long-time resident in Vrindavan that Brahmananda had tried to sell that person a pirated copy of that movie. So much for respecting anyone's right to anything if it gets in the way of so-called "preaching,” especially when their is a profit to be made. Illegal activity is forbidden in our temples. Temple authorities are cautioned not to allow any of it to go on there. Yet, Brahmananda and Gargamuni have been allowed to market so many pirated tapes in the Vrindavan temple. They have been welcomed as the MVT guesthouse which also has a policy of not allowing any illegal activity to go on there either. Sranavan's mentality would tolerate such illegal activity in the name of "lower prices. " Sranavan is really not so interested in following Srila Prabhupada as he is in getting what he wants when he wants it. Such a mind-set is the opposite of that which encourages the Vedic principle of descending authority. Now he speaks on behalf of Srila Prabhupada! We've seen that before and where it takes people. I pray Sranavan, Brahmananda, Gargamuni, Madhuvisa (Australia) and others like them open their eyes blinded by an intense desire to have it their own way, not the spiritual road. Many people call upon Jesus, but we preach that they still must suffer the reactions to their actions. Similarly, someone may invoke Srila Prabhupada's name, but they are still responsible for their actions, especially when they act against the GBC resolutions, which are clearly stated without any equivocation or room for interpretation.

Your servant,
Nrsimhananda dasa

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