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Recent Letters About Bootlegging
By Jagaddhatri devi dasi (Hawaii)

Aloha and Hare Krishna.

Reading the recent letters about our ITV bootlegging activity caused me to pause. It appears that both sides have appeal, depending on your mentality.

Yet Nrsimhananda makes very important points. To me the most important is what value we place on other's time, education, endeavor, creation, etc. Ultimately, of course, Krnsa owns everything - but remember that example Srila Prabhupada used: "Everything is Krishna, therefore I will take this nice Chaddar you have. . . "

Here in Hilo, there are some 'native' Hawaiians who do not think they should have to pay for the water that they are using. After all they say, it was 'free' before the white man came. Yet they are benefiting from the work, labor, maintenance and cost of others to keep that supply coming in such a convenient fashion.

This mentality actually is very impersonal. It reminds me of the old hippie mentality 'I am you and you are me and we are all together'. It is actually saying, 'Your endeavor is valueless, only my desire is valid, therefore I can act on my desire irregardless of your endeavor over the years.".

This mentality can also lead to other activities and behaviors that minimize, disrespect others.

Why did we allow abuse of the children in Gurukula? I think it was ultimately because some persons were 'valueless'. Why are women often times ill-treated? I feel it is because some people think they are of 'less value.' Why don't we cent per cent surrender to Guru and Krishna? Is it because our limited desire and perspective is more important to us?

As Srila Prabhupada said in one of his books, "the living entity is so envious that he is even envious of himself." Well enough of my opinion, for whatever it is worth, and dandavats at the feet of all the devotees who are pleasing their spiritual masters through their service.

Your friend in Krishna's service,
Jagaddhatri dd


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