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Reply to Ravinder Shira Prabhu
by Parama Seva dasa

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

The position you have taken in your accusation of H.G. Locanananda Prabhu is severely lacking in compassion. It is an absolute requisite for a Vaishnava to be compassionate upon all living entities. To turn our heads and think, "They are getting what they deserve!" is not the proper perspective for a devotee of the Lord.

Vaishnavas are generally not wealthy, nor do they like to hoard money, food grains, etc. so where is the fault if they are living simply? Although I sometimes earn a six-figure income and have no dependents or debt, I still drive a beat up-old Honda and wear old, borderless dhotis because I am not interested in leading an opulent life. Krishna may very well like to keep his bhaktas dependent on His mercy and not let them get too materially comfortable, or perhaps maybe He will give them money and see what they do with it. It is entirely up to Him, so why should we judge (lest we be judged)?

Should we accuse Kolavecha Sridhara or Sudama Vipra for being so poor because they were suffering from previous sins, as you seem to be suggesting? To do so would be spiritual suicide. I would advise you to be careful. Vaishnava aparadha is the most serious offense to the Lord and even He cannot excuse you.

Also, to answer a question you never should have asked, Yes, His Grace does earn an honest living and does not rely on anyone's charity, although he allowed this humble servant the opportunity to buy him a ticket to Paris a few years ago so that he could participate in Ratha Yatra. I once also gave him a beautiful gold watch as a way of thanking him for picking me up from my miserable condition and engaging me in Krishna's service.

Although Locanananda Prabhu is the son of a wealthy doctor, he does not have so much money to donate to the temple, so he performs devotional service to Krishna by regularly going out on Harinama sankirtana as he was ordered to do directly by the founder-acarya of ISKCON, Srila Prabhupada. If His Divine Grace wrote a letter to Locanananda Prabhu and gave him that particular service, then how could it not be pleasing to Krishna?

I fail to understand your position in this regard. You may be a satellite engineer, but that doesn't give you the authority to criticize my beloved Prabhu and question whether his service is pleasing to Krishna. Do you dare to question whether or not Srila Prabhupada's order could have any other purpose but pleasing the Lord? True devotees of the Lord have no other business but pleasing Krishna and engaging others in His service. Our duty should be to serve such devotees and beg for their mercy so that we too may one day perform pure devotional service and please the Lord.

Your humble servant,
Parama Seva dasa

© CHAKRA 15 October 2001

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