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Genders and Races
by Karuna das

Dear Chakra,

Regarding all this discussion about gender and race, I just want to put two very straightforward points.

Before that, I would like to inform that I was born in a white male body. The mind I have received however is one that many times manifests a large range of desires going from normal ones to very low class ones. I have been a devotee for 20 years and have had my ups and downs. I have however been struggling to overcome my bad karma, a result of my bad deeds in the past, and establish myself as a gentleman such as Srila Prabhupada desired us to be. This has been no easy struggle. Again I am fully conscious this difficulty is also a result of my bad deeds of the past. I am therefore extremely hurt by people who through the study of the scriptures try to distort the instructions of the Lord in order to promote some kind of delusive state. Below are two points I invite all those with an open mind to consider with full honesty.

1. Prabhupada's statements were never racist or sexist. They were simply realistic. Prabhupada was never into the "Imagine" dream propagated by those who want to destroy real moral and ethic codes. Certainly all human beings are fully entitled to become Krsna conscious with no impediment by race or gender or any other kind of material consideration. Nevertheless each one has it's own particular vehicle with which to progress and which the person must accept as karma and deal with accordingly.

2. I have but one question to which my own answer I know it myself. Given the choice next life to choose from four kinds of body, not considering devotee or not devotee, which one would you choose:

a. a dark complexioned female

b. a fair complexioned female

c. a dark complexioned male

d. a fair complexioned male.


Think about this honestly.

Your servant
Karuna Das

© CHAKRA 30 October 2001

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