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No Mercy?
Karuna das replies to Nikhilananda Prabhu

Nikhilananda Prabhu is quite right to say that Karuna means mercy. I have written a praising commentary to Mother Maharani’s article. I hope it will have been posted and read by the time this one is posted. Yes I have been named Servant of Mercy and, for years I have meditated what does this really mean.

The question I posted was intended to provoke thought indeed. Do you want to fight abuse? Then you must first establish why is there abuse. There is no need for scriptural evidence for that. All you need to be is intelligent. Abuse means someone superior is taking advantage of this superiority to molest those who are less fortunate. Otherwise there is just no question of abuse.

This is not a question of mere sentimentalism but logical thought which is corroborated by sastra. Let me put this very clearly. If I had to counsel Mothers Tungya Sangitananda DD, Malati DD, Yamuna DD, to whom I offer my sincere most humble obeisances and let me through here congratulate them for the great work they are doing with the women’s ministry programme of which I am personally an enthusiastic promoter in my own country. I out of compassion would be obliged, due to the material conditions of existence, to ask them to consider taking the fair complexion male’s body. Why? First because I don’t want those I love to go through the stupid and arrogant prejudice the other genders and races have to go through just because they have a different body. Second because you would automatically have more facilities in life.

Of course one can argument that as a devotee, niskama, I have no personal desire so I just accept whatever the Lord may give me and then try and serve him the best I can. That’s very nice. But I raised a hypothetical situation to try and make people consider the truth in what Krishna tells us.

The point I want to make is that this is how the material world is. I would like to ask my dear Nikhilananda prabhu, whom I believe to be a great devotee of the Lord and who I humbly ask to accept my most sincere respects, not to judge other people without knowing them. I personally believe devotees should try and apply some of the wonderful instructions Lord Jesus Christ has left us which are sometimes a little more subtle to be grasped in Srila Prabhupada’s books.

Or maybe it is just a question of recycling. So I recommend reading Raja Vidya The King of all Knowledge, where Srila Prabhupada brilliantly explains the foolishness in trying to create a perfect state within this material creation.

We should just accept the words of the Lord. This world is not a nice place. That’s why He is calling us back out of here.

To illustrate my point on Raja Vidya, chapter 8, Srila Prabhupada comments on the verse:

Vidya-vinaya-sampanne / brahmane gave hastini
Suni caiva svapake ca / panditah sama-darsinah
(BG 5.18)

"The humble sage, due to true knowledge, sees with equal vision a courteous and learned brahmana, a cow, and elephant, a dog and a dog-eater"

In India, according to Vedic civilization, the learned brahmana is considered the highest-class man in human society. The pandita sees such brahmana in the same way he sees a dog or a dog-eater. In othe words he doesn’t make distinctions between the highest and the lowest. Does this mean that becoming a learned brahmana is not better than being a dog? No, of course not. However the pandita sees both with equanimity because he does not see skin but spirit....

So yes, in response to Prabhu Nikhilananda I just ask him to consider that compassion sometimes means speaking the truth even if it is not as palatable as we wished it was. Even if people will then criticize us because of that.

Always begging to remain a servant of the servan,t

Your servant,
Karuna Das

© CHAKRA 5 November 2001

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