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Chakra: Going Terrorist?
Umapati Swami answers Mahatma Dasa

Dear Mahatma Prabhu,

My respects. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Thank you for your letter. You ask why Chakra has not said anything about the Mayapur bomb blast. The reason is that Chakra has no way of receiving reliable information on the subject.

You speak of Chakra’s "lack of intent to research things nicely." Maybe you are thinking of Chakra as something like CNN, with a worldwide staff of highly skilled, highly paid reporters. The truth, however, is that Chakra is presently run by two people who have never met and who work at it in their spare time. This does not leave much scope for investigative reporting.

You write, "Chakra should openly do all the exposure it can about such madness, and help to chastise such mad people...."

I agree, but Chakra cannot expose anything without information. Chakra may not be CNN, but it is not a rumor mill either. This is why Chakra has not given any space to the Nov 14th Commission. If their cause is taken up by an official organization, whether inside or outside of ISKCON, then Chakra will report on it, but it is not that any person or group can accuse others and get on Chakra. There has to be substantiation.

When the accusation of poisoning was being investigated by the GBC, the case received wide coverage on Chakra, but this does not mean that from here on out, all accusations of poisoning will get on Chakra. You speak of un-Vaishnava actions, but that also includes bearing false witness.

You speak of Chakra’s "ardent defense most often times of such events and the people involved." You accuse Chakra of "keeping silent and even support them [mad people] in the most unauthorized way."

"Most often times"? Can you give me an instance where Chakra has knowingly defended wrongdoers, ardently or otherwise? On the contrary, Chakra has consistently spoken out against abuse of children, mistreatment of women, unfair evictions, and the like. The articles are still on Chakra.

You speak of "false elected-by-vote gurus." Our position on Chakra is that each person must be seen according to his or her own merits and not lumped with others into a group for snap judgement.

Finally, you write, "Chakra may or will be rightly perceived, as a supportive-of-terrorist-campaigns entity, and may be considered by some as a direct terrorist entity."

Again, the facts do not bear out the accusation.

We at Chakra are trying to provide a free service to the worldwide devotee community, and we feel flattered that you have such high expectations of us and sorry that we cannot live up to them.

Umapati Swami

© Umapati Swami

CHAKRA 6 December 2001

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