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For Accommodations in London, Contact Ravi

Hare Krishna. Please accept my humble obeisances.

All glories to Lord Sri Krishna the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

One of the main problems encountered by devotees when they wish to travel to other countries is finding suitable accommodations. Devotees travel to other countries mainly to see other temples and do some shopping and sightseeing. Temple accommodations are usually full or overcrowded, and besides, devotees have to do a minimum of six hours temple service daily, which gives them hardly any time to visit other temples or to do shopping, and sightseeing during their short stay.

Bed-and-breakfast, hotels, and hostels are not really suitable for devotees as they can be expensive and the environment and the people are not in the same class as devotees. In other words they are mainly full of meat eaters, smokers, druggies, and alcoholics.

I have been staying in London for over 20 years. A lot of devotees have asked me for suitable accommodations so I approached friends and families who visit Hare Krishna Temples, and I compiled a list of those that were willing to give accommodations to devotees visiting England. Some agreed to provide free accommodations, and some for a small donation.

In some cases the accommodations are suitable for ladies, considering they are closer to Central London, and the ladies who have stayed there have insisted the room be kept for ladies only as they recommend it to other ladies and use these accommodations whenever they are in London. In most accommodation places, the owners preferred to give accommodations to ladies only, as they kept the place clean and did not misuse the facilities provided, as from past experience some men tended to misuse the facilities, thus upsetting the owners.

For some time now, I have been arranging accommodations for devotees in need of suitable accommodations when they are visiting England for a short holiday.

At present, a large very clean guestroom in a fully furnished flat is available to lady devotees who are visiting England for a short holiday to visit temples and to do some shopping and sightseeing. The whole flat is decorated by lady devotees with decorations of flowers, Krishna posters, cards, and other spiritual goods. All other accommodations contacts that I have are fully booked. Some devotees came to England for a short holiday, but they liked England so much that they found a way to stay and are now settled here.

For a short stay, holiday stay, and weekend stay there is no charge to devotees.

The large clean guestroom has a Shyam Tulsi plant in it.

It has a good supply of mineral water bottles, a good selection of herbal teas and organic juices, and other items.

The washroom is next to the guestroom.

Access is available to the following:

Fully fitted kitchen with all appliances.

Colour television and video connected to satellite systems.

Computer for Internet and E-mailing, copier, scanner, printer, fax machine, and laminator.

Telephone (cheap international calls).

Prasadam is included, made by using mainly organic ingredients.

Hare Krishna books, cards, posters, beads, incense, and other goods are available at cost price.

There is a very large park at the back of this flat.

These accommodations are ideal for ladies who wish to stay in London to visit the temples and to do some shopping, and sightseeing.

The accommodations are five minutes’ walk from public transport and easy access to Central London.

Advice and information is available on places to visit and the cheapest fares that can be purchased.

Devotees are requested to book this accommodation in advance to avoid disappointment. I am sending this message to other temples all over the world so that devotees can contact me in advance instead of leaving it for the last minute.

These accommodations are good, and being convenient, are used by devotees from all over the world.

Please pass this message to other temples and devotees.

Tel: 07957236831 or 02074736023 (If busy please leave a message and your contact number)

Fax: 02074736023

E-mail: ravi@krishna.worldonline.co.uk 

Your obedient servant,

© CHAKRA 7 December 2001

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