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Two New Books from 
the Harinama Press

by Jambavati dasi, Harinama Press
Hare Krishna 
Hare Krishna 
Krishna Krishna 
Hare Hare 
Hare Rama 
Hare Rama 
Rama Rama 
Hare Hare

The Harinama Press has two new books by Bhakti-Tirtha Swami that will be made available at a 20% discount for those who order before January 1st. The first book is Volume Three of his Beggar series. The title is False Ego: The Greatest Enemy of the Spiritual Leader in soft cover. The Beggar series are short prayers and meditations using the ten common types of Vaishnava prayers mentioned by Srila Narottama Dasa Thakur in his book Prarthana. These same types of prayers were practically all exhibited in the writings of Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur. Here is an excerpt from the foreword:

"Bhakti-Tirtha Swami’s book, The Beggar III is a gift of love to help us in our struggles. We will realize the magnitude of this gift as we trust the process of surrender, prayer and meditation, and as we follow the teachings of this powerful spiritual leader. The Beggar III will make us think, and more importantly, help us to grow toward the perfection that the Creator so lovingly and graciously gave to each of us. Bhakti-Tirtha Swami’s books are well written to facilitate us in keeping our highest Self in charge of our lives as we move toward our greatest potential and highest good. The Beggar III is his latest contribution to helping us do the often difficult inner work of understanding that our life force is our God force. Typical of all true leaders, he teaches by loving, living example."

John T. Chissell, M.D.
Author: Pyramids of Power

The second book, which is the second volume in Bhakti-Tirtha Swami’s leadership series. It is called Leadership for an Age of Higher Consciousness, Vol. 2: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times. This book presents Bhismadeva’s instructions to Yudhisthira on how to manage a kingdom and touches upon significant themes from the life of Prithu Maharaja. This ancient wisdom in the book is complemented with present day, cutting-edge discussions on visionary servant-leadership. This book will come off the press in February. It will be in hard and soft cover. Below are some of the advanced acclaims:

"One of the great ‘Spiritual Warriors’ of our time, B.T. Swami, has done it again. His new work on leadership — one of about 10,000 titles on leadership to be published in recent decades — sets a new standard, expressly because it explores the spiritual dimension in ways that popular gurus like Stephen R. Covey (Principle-Centered Leadership), Kevin Cashman (Leadership from the Inside Out), and Ken Blanchard, (Situational Leadership) have not done."

Ken Shelton
Editor of Executive Excellence,
Author of Beyond Counterfeit Leadership

"This is one of the very few successful attempts to reach the contemporary reader with a practical psychology for leaders in a spiritual context. This book is a bridge between inner life and outer work. You have found a rare book. Yes, this book is well suited for spiritual seekers looking for hope in a complex, modern organizational world. The equally significant body of spiritual and religion minded scholars of organizational theory and transformation will be informed of the valuable insights of Vedic scripture. Hopefully, this cross fertilization of east and west will lead to more integral studies of religion and organizational theory. There is a growing trend toward servant leadership and a spiritual future for work. A new spiritual meaning for work itself."

Professor Michael Whitty
World Center for Visionary Leadership
College of Business, University of Detroit Mercy,
co-editor, Work and Spirit: A Reader of New Spiritual Paradigms for Organization

"B.T. Swami is one of those rare individuals who truly understands the essence of Leadership. I have been greatly impressed by his humility and enthusiasm. He has had a major influence on world leaders from the political arena to the business community. With the events of September 11, 2001, greatly impacting people’s lives, B.T. Swami’s weaving of spirituality, service, and leadership into one cocoon is extremely timely. his message is truly profound and universal."

Peter Burwash,
(Author, Leadership Coach, President & CEO of P.B.I.)

"As much as his words inform, his example of living according to the highest standards of the Vedic tradition and in a constant attitude of listening for the Divine guidance convey even more. Thus, you will feel a long-abiding faith in his words, as well as wisdom, and perhaps even the personal purity that allows him to raise the bar of leadership to truly spiritual heights. It is from such heights that visionary leadership is able to see the greatest expanse of human nature and its potentials, to guide it, not just for the upcoming fiscal year, but for generations into the future. In focusing upon ‘higher consciousness,’ Bhakti-Tirtha Swami offers us a vision beyond materialistic competitiveness into the spiritual wholeness of existence. Thus, organizations following these Indic ways can get beyond the harsh and limited modes of competitive functioning into the highly rewarding synergies of ever-greater cooperation and even world-embracing productivity and love. Here the bottom-line ascends to spiritual heights. Here, truly, awaits the best possible future for our newly emerging global marketplace and world culture, if we can find leaders capable of implementing such a vision."

Professor Stuart Sovatsky
Author of Words From the Soul: Time, East/West Spirituality and the Psychotherapeutic Narrative
and Clinical Supervisor, John F. Kennedy University

"Rather than being value based organizations, too many firms today are toxic to the human spirit. Such management causes lack of synergy, lack of loyalty, demotivation and alienation. His Holiness B.T. Swami often traveling to over thirty-five countries in one year and giving seminars and workshops is surely doing his part in the international arena in helping leaders and organizations to become more hospitable to the human spirit. He is a personal mentor of mine and I am always glad when he is back in the US to speak with my colleagues and employers and to share his new books."

Armentha Cruise
President & CEO, Aspen Group;
Chair, Women in Business, DC Chamber of Commerce;
Leadership Board Member, Harvard University

"Over the years one of the most powerful things I have taken away from being a student in His Holiness B.T. Swami Krishnapada’s classroom has been his passionate belief in living one’s life and leading others from a position of love. His profound, inspiring and simple direction of living and working each day from a position of love, from a higher spiritual consciousness has been a powerful beam of light guiding me in my daily life and influencing how I try to teach others to lead. I have always believed and taught that great leaders are simply tools givers — they provide the tools for others to be successful. Leadership for an Age of Higher Consciousness Volume II is one of the tools that we can use to succeed as genuine leaders. Swami Krishnapada is the ultimate tool giver. The ancient sages of India would be proud of his work and how he has captured their thoughts and lessons for the modern leader."

Ron Yudd
Former Director of Food Services for the U.S. Senate,
International leadership consultant and trainer,
CEO Leadership Cares Foundation

"B.T. Swami, whether he is appearing on his TV shows, giving seminars and workshops to different national and international organizations or meeting with Diplomats and Presidents of countries his message is always profound and universal. He wants us to know that the greatest problems in the world are due to a crisis in leadership and we all can do something about it. At a time when there is a rising interest in principle-centered leadership, servant-leadership and bringing spirituality into the workplace this book is most timely. I want to encourage the Swami to keep offering such wisdom to the international community, but most important I want to encourage those who want to lead with higher consciousness to devour this book."

Emerson Graham, M.D.
CEO, International Committee for U.S.D.

"On several occasions going back to the 1980’s I was invited by one of our Directors Pierre Adossama to sit in as His Holiness B.T. Swami shared his insights on particular world-order problems with me and some of my colleagues at the U.N. in Geneva. On one return visit after he had met with the President of Zambia (who was then the Chairman of the O.A.U.), the President of Botswana, Sierre Leone, Liberia and Ghana it became clear in my mind how he expertly lives what he writes in all his books. As you study and apply especially his teaching in his Leadership for an Age of Higher Consciousness Volumes you will also be given the tools to play your part in raising global consciousness."

Gabriel Mesfin
Labor Relations, International Labor Organization, United Nations Geneva Switzerland

You can order the books at the following prices:

*Beggar 3, False Ego: Greatest Enemy of the Spiritual Leader — US $12.95

*Leadership for an Age of Higher Consciousness, Vol. 2: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times — soft cover US $14.95, hard cover US $24.00

Up until January 1st the books can be ordered directly from the Harinama Press or from the Institute of Spiritual Technology’s website:

Harinama Press
PO Box 76451
Washington DC, 20013

In the US: (800) 949 5333,
Outside of the US: (301) 765-8155,
fax (301) 765-8157

Website: www.ifast.net 

CHAKRA 19 December 2001

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