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Please Help
from Krishangi Shevchenko
Hare Krishna 
Hare Krishna 
Krishna Krishna 
Hare Hare 
Hare Rama 
Hare Rama 
Rama Rama 
Hare Hare

Dear Vaishnav!

Hare Krishna! Please, accept my sincere bows! All Glory to our dear Shrila Prabhupada!

My name is Krishangi. I have distributed 7 years of the book Shrila Prabhupada and gave back all money in a Temple, not leaving for itself of any percent from the widespread books. However now I became very sick, therefore I can not more do it!

So, now I live at home with the parents... I very much want to go to ours a Temple in Vrindavan to serve! But, I live on Ukraine, and you probably know, what bad situation here... The people receive the very small salary here, approximately 10 -15 $ per one month, and price very high! Many people have no any work, and many go on garbage boxes, in hope to find something to have a meal!

I too can not find work... I live at the parents, which on pension and receive only 10 $ per one month! I do not have account in Bank! So to collect any money for India here — it is absolutely impossible for me!

Therefore, though I hesitate, I have decided to address to you with the request for the help! I know, that Vaishnavas my dear Brothers are very mercy, and even it is more, than it! Nevertheless, I do not ask you much... I shall be very grateful to you if you will offer to me even 5 - 10 $, or how many you can!!!

Please help me!!! Please, help me to go to Vrindavan! I well never forget about your help!!! You can send money by the postal order to my home address:

Shevchenko Lada
Anatalievna Street Frunze (Balkovskaya)
32 /120 City Odessa - 65110 Ukraine

Or, if it is impossible, then send money in dense not a transparent envelope, and tell to mail to send the notice that I this letter has received! I shall never forget, how you have helped me difficult minute! The large Thank!

Please, forgive for mine bad English.


Krishangi d.d.

and krishangi@mail.ru 

You can sent you a postal order. It is better, if you will send through Western Union on Ukrsotsbank or Ukrsibbank in Odessa on my address ! I can get the money at I think most of the big banks in Odessa, such as:

Uksotsbank, Ukrsibbank

If I go there to receive the money I will have to take mine passport (maybe you know, but that they told me here) and you have to give the number, on which I can receive money here. Then, when you will send them to me postal order, please, inform me this number on e-mail. They will give you number, which please inform me on e-meil!!! and also your name and city, that I could receive your help (money)!!!


Please, make it as soon as possible

Thanks for writing and help.

© CHAKRA 19 December 2001 

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