Please Help
from Krishangi Shevchenko

Dear Vaishnav!

Hare Krishna! Please, accept my sincere bows! All Glory to our dear Shrila Prabhupada!

My name is Krishangi. I have distributed 7 years of the book Shrila Prabhupada and gave back all money in a Temple, not leaving for itself of any percent from the widespread books. However now I became very sick, therefore I can not more do it!

So, now I live at home with the parents... I very much want to go to ours a Temple in Vrindavan to serve! But, I live on Ukraine, and you probably know, what bad situation here... The people receive the very small salary here, approximately 10 -15 $ per one month, and price very high! Many people have no any work, and many go on garbage boxes, in hope to find something to have a meal!

I too can not find work... I live at the parents, which on pension and receive only 10 $ per one month! I do not have account in Bank! So to collect any money for India here — it is absolutely impossible for me!

Therefore, though I hesitate, I have decided to address to you with the request for the help! I know, that Vaishnavas my dear Brothers are very mercy, and even it is more, than it! Nevertheless, I do not ask you much... I shall be very grateful to you if you will offer to me even 5 - 10 $, or how many you can!!!

Please help me!!! Please, help me to go to Vrindavan! I well never forget about your help!!! You can send money by the postal order to my home address:

Shevchenko Lada
Anatalievna Street Frunze (Balkovskaya)
32 /120 City Odessa - 65110 Ukraine

Or, if it is impossible, then send money in dense not a transparent envelope, and tell to mail to send the notice that I this letter has received! I shall never forget, how you have helped me difficult minute! The large Thank!

Please, forgive for mine bad English.


Krishangi d.d.

krishangi@ukr.net and krishangi@mail.ru

You can sent you a postal order. It is better, if you will send through Western Union on Ukrsotsbank or Ukrsibbank in Odessa on my address ! I can get the money at I think most of the big banks in Odessa, such as:

Uksotsbank, Ukrsibbank

If I go there to receive the money I will have to take mine passport (maybe you know, but that they told me here) and you have to give the number, on which I can receive money here. Then, when you will send them to me postal order, please, inform me this number on e-mail. They will give you number, which please inform me on e-meil!!! and also your name and city, that I could receive your help (money)!!!


Please, make it as soon as possible

Thanks for writing and help.


© CHAKRA 19 December 2001