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“...I was asked by Nityananda Prabhu to falsify the taped 'evidence' by editing it in such a way that it might seem both more damaging and credible to ISKCON's rank and file.”


Church of the poisoned mind
By Jagannatha dasa

CHAKRA (Lockport, New York) - After undergoing the experience of working with devotee mobsters Rochana Dasa and Nityananda Prabhu I quite rightfully took a few months to reflect on the events I experienced while drawn into their web of lies, innuendo and half truth which is the hallmark of the professional agitator. 

At first their passionate presentation of the “facts” seemed both credible and alluring and thus, I offered my services to help champion their seemingly laudable cause. 

Slowly, however, the actual agenda of these two began to seep out which led to my ejection of one of their pathetic minions from our SRI center in Buffalo. And now, after much careful consideration I feel the time is right to FULLY expose the deliberate, pre-meditated fraud these men were out to sell to our worldwide family of already fairly traumatized devotees. 

When preparing the “Poison CD”, I was asked point blank by Nityananda Prabhu to falsify the taped “evidence” by editing it in such a way that it might seem both more damaging and credible to ISKCON’s rank and file. A few words seemlessly shuffled about here and there and suddenly, one dangling scrap of audio becomes a very different animal. For those not familiar with digital audio editing the fact is you can make a person say ANYTHING going so far as moving syllables and even breathes to make an edit go your way. That is why, by the way, audio tape is almost always not admissible in a court of law. Far too unreliable.

Finally, I want the world to know that this entire campaign of terror was designed to help bring about the fall of our divine Gaudiya Vaishnava Sampradaya and establish the counterfeit philosophy of a few twisted men dedicated to the assumption of power at any cost. It is that terrible eventuality which has prompted me to finally speak out. Therefore I humbly request that this entire poison issue be seen as the Trojan Horse it is and that it’s architects be finally and forever exposed.

In Krishna Seva,

Sriman Jagannatha Dasa Adikari
SRI / The Spiritual Realization Institute Sri Puri Dhama Vaishnava Community Lockport, New York

© CHAKRA 29-Nov-2003

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