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Unknown Prabhupada disciples #4
By Mahamaya dasi
Hare Krishna 
Hare Krishna 
Krishna Krishna 
Hare Hare 
Hare Rama 
Hare Rama 
Rama Rama 
Hare Hare

CHAKRA (Mayapur, India) - 

Dear Maharajas and Prabhus,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Thank you again for all your help. Many devotees have been "found" because of your responses. Keep up the good work!

The fourth installation of the "Unknown Devotees" is below. Please look through the names carefully to see if you remember anyone. We are looking for complete karmi names, addresses, e-mail addresses, names of spouses, status in ISKCON (active, connected, lost, Non-ISKCON, deceased).

Since Srila Prabhupada many times gave the same name to more than one person, again I've given extra information in the last column to aid you in identifying the correct person. Also where you see "SP discp? Correct?" in the last column, they are questionable names that I got from SP's letters or from other sources. Do you know if they are actually disciples of Srila Prabhupada?

Thank you! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Your servant,
Mahamaya dasi
Compiler, SP Disciple Database
mahamaya.acbsp@com.bbt.se or mahamaya@aol.com 

Init Name D/DD Place Init Mo Yr Karmi name/Notes

Ekanga DD Brazil 7 76
Ekesvara D New York
Gajapati D Washington 7 74
Gajendranatha D Mayapur 3 77
Gambhira D Dallas 7 74 Gary Dallman
Gandhari DD New Orleans 2 73
Gandhari DD Portland 7 74
Gandharva D LA 74
Gandharvi DD Mayapur 3 74
Ganga D London
Gangadasa D Miami 7 74
Gangesvara D Calcutta
Garbhodakasayi D Gorakhpur
Gaudiya VaisnavaD Vrndavana 8 77 Ghosh
Gauragovinda D Mayapur 10 74 NOT GGSwami Vrnd 74
Gauramohana D Dallas 10 71 Rodney Purcell
Gaurananda D Singapore 3 77
Gauranga NityanandaD Mayapur 3 77
Gaurapada D LA 10 76 Gary D.
Gaurdi D ?
Gavamguru D Vrndavana 4 76
Gavisi DD Vrndavana 1 76
Giri D Dallas 3 74 Gary
Girija D Vrndavana 4 76 (not DD in Montreal)
Giripati D Germany 11 75 Ananda Kumar
Girisrestha D New York 7 76
Gokulacandra D Chicago 7 75
Gokulacandra D Bombay 7 72 George
Gokulavasini DD Colombia 3 77
Gopalavrnda D Hyderabad 3 74
Gopanganapati D New York
Gopati D Hawaii 5 74 (NOT init Cleveland)
Gopati D Vrndavana 4 76 "
Gopati D London "
Gopika? DD Vrndavana 4 75 SP discp? correct?
Gopipriya devi DD London 1 75
Goutam Muni D Hawaii
Govinda Mohini DD Mayapur 9 77 Renu Bala Debnath
Govinda Nandini DD Brazil 3 77
Govindadatta? D Calcutta? 74 SP disc? correct?
Guna Purna D Argentina 3 77
Gunesvara D Argentina 9 76 Gustavo
Gurudeva D Mayapur 3 73
Gurugovinda D Cleveland 2 75 John
Gurusrestha D Germany 12 75 Thomas
Gyana D Nairobi? 75
Halayuddha D Cleveland 8 74 John Haslett
Hamsamurti D Bogota 7 76
Hamsini DD New Orleans 7 73 Jeri Whorrel
Hararata D Vrndavana 4 76
Hari-ramananda D Paris 1 77
Haribhakti D Caracas 2 75
Harideva D Toronto 1 75 Earl
Harigada D Boston 12 73 Edward A.
Harigada D Colombia? 76 2nd init Colombia
Harihara D New Vrindaban 74
Hariharananda D Chicago 7 75
Harikanta DD Dallas 7 75
Harimarari D Philadelphia 76
Harivenu D Caracas 7 76
Hasyananda D Washington
Hasyananda D LA 4 73 Harold
Hema D Caracas 3 74
Hemanga D Dallas 7 74
Hrsikesananda D Nellore 1 76
Icchagati DD Boston 2 76
Indrasena D Brazil 9 76 Ivan
Indriyani DD Baltimore 71
Indujyoti DD Berkeley 7 76
Indumati DD Brazil 12 76 Ivonette
Indurekha DD Mexico
Iravati DD LA
Isesvara D Mayapur 3 74
Isvara D New Vrindaban 4 73 Mark
Isvara Candra D Madison
Isvara Puri? D Hawaii? 76 SP disc? correct?
Isyavasya D Rome 4 76

**end of installment #4**

© CHAKRA 31-Aug-1999

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