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“Be advised that my stance on the Poison Lies has not, and could never bring me anything but a very hard time. I have come forward only to help disperse this nasty tempest...”

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Too much VNN - not enough seva
By Jagannatha das

As with so many tied to their personal conceptions and various collective karmas there is a trend towards making this poison issue into a cult of personality. Whether any particular story casts either myself (just Jagannatha, by the way, and not Puripada) or my worthy adversary Nityananda Dasa as the boogieman is not important. This is all just the two sides blowing smoke when there is nothing of real import to say in order to make brownie points with their buddies out their in Cyberville. From our venerable Mother Maha (or Saligram Seela Swami as she calls herself constantly when not within earshot of ISKCON) right on down to the puffy Puru etc. all seem to have way too much time on their hands for any serious devotee out their spreading the word. Vaishnavas should not create soap operas around this issue or launch fan clubs for the public players. I mean, is this now Hare Krishna High School or what? To tread this path is simply Krishna coated Maya and not at all befitting our divine Gaudiya Vaishnava Sampradiya. I, for one, therefore refuse to play and hope you more sensible folks out there will join me in my untypical reserve on this point.

Be advised that my stance on the Poison Lies has not, and could never bring me anything but a very hard time. I have come forward ONLY to help disperse this nasty tempest (of Nityananda’s making) and not see my name (or any bastardization of it) up in lights on either VNN or Chakra. Frankly, I am already quite well known in my field and have honestly earned quite a lot of fuss from my twenty secular books on rock music. I don’t want to be a Krishna celebrity in any sphere thank you. What I want is the truth and that is exactly what I have given to everyone involved.

Maha/Swami is a nice lady. She calls me Puripada to try and make hay on VNN when she calls herself Swamiji. What up with that Prabhu? I love Maha and always try and help her out but she is two faced (a bit) and very against ISKCON. In fact she regularly refers to her guru’s beloved organization as IT’S GONE or even IT’S CON. In short, yet another sweet, basically well meaning malcontent trying to make a place in the sun for herself. Still, I don’t in anyway dislike her as her heart is about as big as any I have ever seen in this Bhakti pursuit. I see the good there and let the rest sort of drift by. I’ve only brought her to task today for tryng to push forward her obviously pro-poison stance by having a little go at me. Naughty indeed!

Finally, the larger truth, as I said, is quite another kettle of kitri: Srila Prabhupada was not poisoned, Nitya is a spoiled child who wants yet more marbles, I am not Puripada to my Godbrothers and Sri Krsna is God!

Now can we all just get along please!

Happy Birthday Srimati Radharani!

In Krsna Seva

Jagannatha Dasa

© CHAKRA 18-Sep-1999

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