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“Thus has emerged a very vocal but surprising quite small contingent of unhappy souls whose $15 a month investment allows them to funnel their convoluted ideas and agendas to the minds of millions with a simple click of plastic on plastic.”

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Dirty tricks: Hallmark of a rascal
By Jagannatha dasa

Although the Internet looms large in the worldwide (currently disconnected) family of Gaudiya Vaishnavas its instant global access has given a philosophical soapbox to anyone with a keyboard and a few spare moments in their day. Thus, has emerged a very vocal, but surprisingly quite small, contingent of unhappy souls whose $15 a month investment allows them to funnel their convoluted ideals and agendas to the minds of millions with a simple click of plastic on plastic. 

Consider for a moment that mountain of maliciousness, Sriman Puru Dasa Adikari. Always a large presence in all of our lives now that he’s become so terminally critical of just about anyone who crosses his path one wishes that somehow or other his business would sink to the level that the low monthly cost of internet access would therefore evade him, and thus render us all a little peace of mind. 

Cruising through the VNN forums the other day I was amazed that the huge noise that spills out of our monitors on a daily basis is basically coming from only a handful of very big mouths! 958 postings by Puru Dasa, dozens and dozens from Mahabuddhi, not to forget cyber sitcom regulars Isa Dasa, poor Mother Maha and, of course, the venerable Nityananda Dasa.

There is the swirling apex of your daily dose of poison politics! Not a broad consensus of our loyal Vaishnava brothers and sisters inspired by the passion of their position or the unrelenting pull of conscience to one side of the issue or the other. But rather, only about half a dozen very determined, unrequited, unsung conspirators captivated by the sound of their own voice translated into light on a computer screen. 

Tiny men determined to validate their own waining sense of self in a world too big and too complicated for anything but the most basic, insular thinking. A peak into history will confirm that only only a few unshakable fanatics have always precipitated most of the major conspiratorial upsets. Case in point: the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln, the intractable dictatorship of the Marcos regime, the nasty rise of Adolf Hitler and so many more unhappy eventualities thrust down the throat of the sleeping masses. 

This very well thought out, time tested device for the leap to power must not be allowed to further infect our worldwide confederation of Vaishnavas already bruised by the near constant assault on our faith from both within and without. Retoric, no matter how well conceived or clever, can only go so far in shaping consciousness on either side of an issue. Therefore, whatever lawful, sastric measures can be taken against anyone (of any camp) out to try and check the flow of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s vision of a peaceful god centered world must now be employed before it is too late!

Do not think for a moment that those determined to have their way with Srila Prabhupada’s international family will not employ any nefarious means at their disposal to achieve their selfish ends. Although it only serves as an instructive microcosm of the kind of creative devilment they are capable of I woke up two days ago to find that our long standing SRI website had sunk from the internet after our cyber host received several highly inflammatory, patently untrue e-mails about me “faking evidence” in the poison matter. 

Not wanting to be caught up in any such controversy the web master decided to get out of the fray by dropping SRI as a client no matter what the truth of the allegations at hand. Of course, still having a couple of bucks in the bank the good news is that the SRI site will be relaunched within the next few days in a new unassailable domain which, I am happy to announce will include a permanent link dedicated to the over throw of these poison pen men out to scuttle everything ISKCON has achieved since its holy inception in the mid-sixties. 

A further device has been recently employed by Rocan Dasa who, when not out hustling second hand cars, has found time to manufacture a series of pornographic e-mails attributed to me which I have, of course, never sent to anyone. In reference to the canny Nityananda, I think it’s only fair to point out here is a fairly sophisticated self employed businessman who has gone to all the time and trouble to write and print a book that he most assuridly wants to sell. As a longtime publishing professional I can tell you that Nitya’s book cost no more than $2 a copy to print and yet he is selling it for $5.95. That’s at least $3 profit per copy plus all the political hay he can eat from whatever grassroots support he can muster with his unscientific laymen’s prose on the alleged murder of our beloved Guru Maharaja. Doesn’t really sound like a man too much in search of eternal truth, does it?

Finally, I urge everyone engaged in considering the so-called evidence in this matter to cast a jaundiced, highly cautious eye on the motives of these rascals and do not so easily swallow their poison against not only our beloved Gaudiya Vaishnava Siddhanta but also ultimately Srila Prabhupada and even Krsna Himself.

In Krsna Seva, Jagannatha Dasa SRI

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