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Mayapur '99 Book
Distribution Seminars

from Navina Nirada Dasa

Camp Dallas Texas

Dear Maharajas and Prabhus,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

This year's Mayapur festival the BD Ministry offers the following courses:


This is the standard five-day book distribution course which is mandatory for all regular distributors. This course has been fully revised. More then 1200 devotees have successfully completed it within the last 2 years. All you need and want to know about book distribution from philosophy, techniques, values, standards to the lifestyle of a book distributor.
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Facilitators: Bhaktavatsala Prabhu (AUZ) and Kaustubha Prabhu (US) Dates: 8-12th February Cost: 50 US$ (incl. course materials)

Venue: Sankirtan Academy (formerly known as Book Distribution Academy) Requirements: Good grasp of the English language, punctuality



This new four day leadership course has been launched successfully this year. More then 200 Temple Presidents and Sankirtan leaders have taken it. It is the most comprehensive course on management in ISKCON to date, covering a wide range of topics from conflict resolution, time management, communication skills to the personal development of a leader.

Facilitators: Bhaktavatsala, Kaustubha Prabhus, Navina Nirada dasa Dates: 16-19th February Cost: 40 US$ (incl. course material)

Venue: Sankirtan Academy

Requirements: Good grasp of the English language, punctuality, having passed the BD Graduate Course or serving in a leadership position


There are a limited number of seats for both courses (30), and many are already taken. For registration pls write a private letter to me at navina.nirada.hks@com.bbt.se

Snail mail: Navina Nirada dasa, P.O.Box 116, 8030 Zurich Switzerland

Fax +41 1 262 31 14

Please register asap, latest till 10th Jan 99. First come first serve basis.

Wishing you all the best and a happy Prabhupada Marathon.

Your servant

Navina Nirada Dasa

Book Distribution Ministry

PS We will also hold regular Sankirtan meetings for the general public from the 23rd Feb to the 1st March in the Samadhi Auditorium around 12am to 2pm.

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